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“May You Be Blessed” – a great, short, video-reminder

…Sometimes there’s not a lot of time to pause and count the big … and little … blessings in our lives … and sometimes they may be harder to see than at other times … so today I am sharing with you a short video that never fails to lift me up and remind me that things are definitely good. Miss Perky has made popcorn for everyone … Continue reading

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Letting Surrender lead me to my dreams … a wonderful video to share

For all of us who have said … “I don’t get it Life … where are my dreams-come true?” … and … for everyone who has ever asked: “Life … I thought that you wanted me to have this … house … job … trip … partner … etc” … here is a beautiful story of dreams and wishes … fears of them NOT being answered … realization that “Surrender” is NOT a bad word … and finally the Joy of Receiving. Continue reading

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Things really ARE going well for me – Video

As Abraham says: “Life is meant to be good for me/us” … it may not be going exactly the way that I think that it should go … but still … when I stop fussing and stomping my little feet … when I take a breath and exert a little patience … ultimately I get to clap my hands in awe and wonder at the great gifts that Life has delivered and see that … yes indeed … things really are going well for me. Continue reading

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The Power of One … A video and a thought to remember

I am only one person. I can only change myself. I hope that by changing myself I might begin to change my little corner of the world … and then … perhaps …the change will move on Continue reading

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Inspiration 365 days/year Video – some REALLY great quotes!

Thank you for your patience during this month of healing; as I shared other people’s videos, songs and stories. What would this site be without quotes!??!  And so I leave you with some of Zig Ziglar’s favourites … Have a … Continue reading

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Hey Jessica – thanks for reminding me about “Liking”

Jessica turned 4 only 6 weeks before she made this video … I like it! I like how Jessica reminds my inner little kid that positive is the best way to be.  I like how she wakes up my inside … Continue reading

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The Sound of One Voice

We are all used to the “sound of one voice” … our own voice … singing, talking, thinking … one little voice …. The “Wailin’ Jennies” offer some food for thought though … perhaps it is time for “the sound … Continue reading

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