We are cups

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”   …   Ray Bradbury

It’s interesting that Life seldom brings to our doorsteps the things that we think we absolutely-have-to-have, but rather it seems determined to bring to us those things that will take us the furthest, stretch us the most and then ULTIMATELY bring us all that our hearts desire.  I agree with Mother Teresa: “I know that God won’t give me more than I can handle; sometimes I just wish He didn’t trust me so much!”

Like Ray Bradbury I believe that we are constantly being sustained by the creative life-force of the Universe – commonly known as God, Father, Source … well you get the picture.  Walking around hand-in-hand with said Universe isn’t something that is really noticeable and yet; simultaneously it’s something that can’t be missed.  I have long recognized that there is a “filler of cups” out there and it has always been my joy to indulge in regular tea parties with aforementioned cup filler.  This where the not-noticeable part comes in: having a little cuppa with The Big Guy isn’t like sharing a brew with the gang at the local coffee shop: with Him no one but me even seems to know that He is there.  So … I do my best to keep my end of the tea time conversations to myself so that I don’t have to watch the rest of the patrons in The Second Cup slowly edging their way towards the door.  Ah-h-h-h well silent or not at least my cup gets refilled leaving me a little more ready to go out and tackle the world once more.

It’s been an interesting journey this lifetime.  I’d have to say that, all things considered, the last few years have definitely fallen into the category of “wishing He didn’t trust me so much”.  However, in retrospect, I can look at the journey thus far and see the telltale signs of a master chef, sommelier and tea brewer at work.  I’d have to say that the heat in the kitchen really began to rise about 11 years ago when my son was killed in a car crash.  Well you are probably thinking – of course it did – “how awful”!  Well yes – it was actually – and yet even at the time I couldn’t miss the hand of the Universe supporting me on days when I couldn’t support myself.  All the little signs and signals that perhaps only I saw and all of the BIG signs and signals that everyone around me saw were my reminders that bodies may come and go but the energy that makes us who we are and connects us one to another and by extension to the Universe around us is always present.

I came out of that period with a determination.  I decided that from that point onward I would live my life only following “Spirit” and so my new journey began.  When the breadcrumb trail led right I went right and when it led to the left I went left and now I have a collection of books, art and publishable material all ready to launch itself into the world.  Somewhere in the journey – over one of our innumerable cups of celestial tea – a marvelous idea was born.  And so I began to implement – right out here in the “real” world a company that assists seniors to remain safely in their homes.  But wait there’s more!  The cup filler and I have something in common – we both like win-win scenarios and so the company is intended to allow not only the clients to win but also the Caregivers AND the wonderful people who live and breathe the same vision within their communities.  O.K. so right about now you may be wondering when the advertising banner is going to appear.  Good news – this is NOT an ad for the company; rather it is an illustration of how taking the time to share “a cup of tea”, and allowing the one who breathes Life into life to fill said cups can actually have repercussions that can be seen in this world.

Walking hand-in-hand with the Universe doesn’t have to be some pie-in-the-sky, totally-out-there-in-woo-woo-land kind of journey.  In fact I believe that the best journeys, the greatest talks, the most 3-D life altering ideas come from the application of inspiration.  If Ray Bradbury is correct and we are constantly and quietly being filled then indeed the greatest service that we can render – to ourselves, to those around us and to the world – is to listen well, learn even better, become examples of what we are being taught and figure out how to “tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out”.

This week have a look YOUR cup.  Remember the times when you felt like you were running on empty and ask yourself: “What got me through that time? and “How did MY cup get filled?””  Try to take a little time each day to “smell the roses”, “drink a cup of tea” or indulge in YOUR idea of connectedness; in whatever place or way that works for you.  Sometimes the road looks bumpy and sometimes we feel like we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere but I have found that there really aren’t any “wrong” turns – there are only turns that lead to longer trips than we had anticipated.  Eventually EVERY trip leads us Home and somewhere along the way we are all learning how to let our beautiful stuff shine out.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying



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