Aim High

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.”   …   Michelangelo

We are remarkable creatures … really!  We are capable of such highs, such incredible feats of compassion and giving and we don’t even see the magnificent Beings whose driving force is the soul of our journey.   I watch friends discount the outpourings of their greater nature with statements such as “Well that’s just me” or “Oh that’s nothing” whilst simultaneously looking at their supposed ‘flaws’ and ‘failings’’ through a microscopic lens set to maximum.  It is time now to start acknowledging the greatness of our souls: the greatness with which we were created by the Universe; anything less is disingenuous at best and dishonouring at worst.

We are taught from an early age that to think well of ourselves is a sin.  Pride, they call it, willful they stamp us when we dare to remember who we truly are.  But I believe that these judgments come from those who, themselves, have already forgotten their own source of beauty: they come from people who believed the lies that were told to them by the world.  Who doesn’t love the playful antics of a child?  Who doesn’t appreciate the naturalness and spontaneity of their actions, emotions and speech?  And yet, time and time again I see young parents verbally (or physically) beating their children into a mould that is designed to hold a round peg whilst refusing them the right to be the square one.  Does it hurt too much to see such clarity and innocence or is the world’s opinion REALLY more important than nurturing the spark that has come to live with them temporarily?

It is unfortunate that most of us were sent to wounded souls who did not have the capability of nurturing and encouraging themselves – let alone us … but that is just the way that it was … now it is up to us to determine what we will do with ourselves from this point on.  “You don’t understand, Susanne, it’s hard … my mother did … my father said …”  And my response is … “Yes, it IS challenging to heal from the pounding and lack of soul nurturing that we received … but you can do it!”  For they were people, who were wounded with no way to recover: they were people doing their best to get by in life, for they knew no other way.  But we are the generation who has access to the ideas and the skills that are designed to bring us back into an awareness of how truly great we can be: thus enabling us to become more, to contribute more and to achieve the heights to which we had aspired as souls entering this world.

No matter how challenging our upbringing, no matter what manner of suppression that we suffered as children, young people or adults it’s time to celebrate.  Hooray … there are no accidents … we are here at THIS time, in THIS place so that we can achieve those heights of which Michelangelo speaks and so that we can achieve our goals.  In my journey through life I have finally come to the place wherein there is NO wound or incident that is worth holding onto and, no pain that is worth more than moving forward and back into the Truth of who I REALLY am.  Perhaps it was going through a couple of major, life-threatening illnesses that brought me here or maybe it is just a by-product of traveling down this particular road with the various companions who have come and gone in this particular journey … whatever the cause … here I stand … unable to look away from what bubbles up from within … traveling a different road now … the road to Self-uncovering.

What this part of the journey is teaching me is that ALL of us can uncover the beautiful souls that lie hidden inside; and yes we ALL have one, all it takes to find it is the willingness to try life one more time and the courage to face down those demons from the past that have held us hostage.  The past makes patterns that weave themselves in and around us forming invisible chains that eventually cripple us and keep us from even dreaming of becoming more than we are: that keep us “aiming too low and achieving our mark”.  But these chains can be broken and these fears can be wrestled to the ground … it all depends on what makes your heart sing and on what YOUR dreams and goals are … and if the fear arises and you think that maybe staying in the same old place, doing things the same old way is alright and definitely easier than changing, you just need to ask yourself a famous Dr. Phil question … “So how’s that working for you?”

This week reach into your internal closet and bring out an old dream.  Dust it off and place it front and center in your list of Goals-to-be-Achieved and Things-To-Do and know that no matter how improbable it may seem when viewed through the lens of the world, when seen through the eyes of the soul ANYTHING is possible.  It is time for us to stop aiming too low and achieving that mark and to dance with danger and aim high.  It is now OUR time … it is now time to be ALL that we are capable of being.

Godspeed and Safe Journeying Everyone!


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