Yes we can!

“Yes we can!”   …   Barack Obama

Life is full of challenges and decisions; some of them big and some of them small.  Every day presents opportunities to do what’s right, to move ahead in life, to help another and to make the kinds of decisions that make a difference in the world.  Each day also presents opportunities to; overcome adversity, face prejudice, survive overwhelming heartbreak and to beat the odds.  And whether we are searching our soul for a way to survive or to reach a  pinnacle, provided we are willing to follow our inner guidance, believe in the best within us and always strive to move forward, the response to each set of circumstances is the same: “Yes we can!”

When my 18 years old son was killed I had taught meditation and counseled people for years regard the continuity of life after the death of the body.  But here in this one moment was a huge challenge, the worst fate a parent can face and overwhelming heartbreak – right up close and personal.  I realized that I had to ask myself if I could walk my talk now that it was MY son whose body no longer lived and breathed here; now that it was MY child who would no longer come home with smiles & hugs for me.  And with the help of a few VERY amazing friends I realized that “Yes I can.”

When I met Godfred, my inspirational friend from Ghana, he was working two jobs from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day.  He was doing so in the United States.  He was tired and he was determined and he asked for nothing for himself.  I listened to him talk about how hard life was for his people and yet how joyful they were and I was awed.  He spoke of women walking for 4 hours to grind grain, only to walk for 4 hours back home and then to repeat the process in another two days.  He wanted to make their lives easier and so he worked hard, far from home, to earn money – to buy a grain mill for these women.  He saw a need and wondered if one person could make a difference and he realized: “Yes I can.”

My best friend, Wendy, fought hard for 3 ½ years against a silent and deadly predator.  She had not one, but numerous tumors growing inside of her head. She survived two 8-10 hours operations, lost the sight in one eye (I think that the other one shone even brighter!) and never gave up.  She worked full-time for as long as she could mange, loved a man with all of her heart and was well-loved in return.  She seldom admitted out loud that things may not turn out so well, instead she forged onward inspiring everyone who met her.  On the down days when she wondered inside of herself if she could keep going she realized that: “Yes I can.”

The world is full of people meeting and overcoming daily challenges.  Sometimes we forget that, as Buddha said: “We are all clay in the kiln of the Creator.”   I believe that we become, not only what Life makes us but also what we choose to allow ourselves to grow into and what we drive ourselves to become.  At every juncture of history people have wondered if they would be able to continue in the face of overwhelming odds and always the survivors and the “thrivers” have found a way to say and to believe: “Yes we can.”

This week have a look at the challenges that you are facing; bills to be paid, businesses to be built, children to be nurtured and friends to love and support and know that, no matter how lonely or quiet your trip through life may seem, you are not alone.  Challenges arise so that we may overcome them and by doing so show others, and ourselves, what is possible.  Hard times test us.  Sorrow refines and transforms us.  Can we make a difference?  “Yes we can!”

Godspeed and Safe Journeying Everyone


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