Dream Big

“Allow yourself to create a vision, to daydream and fantasize and then focus each day on the simple concrete steps you can take to reach your goal.”…Sanaya Roman

Do you remember, as you were growing up, hearing the authority figures in your life chastise you with: “Stop daydreaming.  You’ll never get anywhere in life. “or “You’re such a dreamer!”  Too bad so many of us listened to that and learned to believe, as they did, that being a dreamer, a visionary or a goal setter was something terrible.  With those few simple sentences those people set in motion a lifetime of guilt and denial.  We learned to say … to them and to ourselves … “See I’m not dreaming – I’m DOING.”

The power of dreams/visions is only just starting to be recognized and even today is grossly underestimated.  Every great innovation, every new invention begins first with an idea, a vision, a dream. Just imagine where we would be without our dreams and our dreamers. If Henry Ford hadn’t been such a great dreamer – who believed in his dreams despite what his advisors and engineers thought was possible – we would not be driving these marvels of engineering; known as cars, today.  If the Wright Brothers had not believed and taken the steps to prove that man could indeed fly through the air with the aid of a mechanical device we would all still be confined to the continents upon which we were born – or at the very least be resigned to journeys across spans of ocean that would occupy weeks and weeks of our time.  We need dreamers.  We need to re-awaken the dreamer inside of ourselves!

Highly successful athletes know that to hold a vision of themselves in full, step-by-step detail as winners of their events, combined with lots of practice in which they reproduce their “winning” moves produces outstanding results.  The most successful C.E.O.s and owners of companies recognize that without vision to drive their actions, their companies are bound for mediocrity.   And so they create a vision and then they “focus each day on the simple concrete steps (they) can take to reach (their) goal”. If these successful people believe that dreaming makes them winners then perhaps it’s time to re-think those negative statements from our past.

Without dreams the world would never change.  Without action to back them up the dreams would remain just that – dreams.  It would have been truer and more helpful if those authoritarian figures from our past had told us: “What a great dreamer you are. You are definitely going places!  And remember – put those dreams into action!”  Unfortunately, in general, they didn’t do that.  So now it is up to us to re-educate ourselves; to reawaken our God-given ability to dream big and to validate and go for those dreams that mean the most to us.

We are blessed to live in an age wherein almost anyone can access information regards how to take the steps necessary to create goals and plans to move dreams and visions into the world.  It is up to us whether or not we choose to continue to run the same old negative tapes inside of our heads; to believe that the voices that told us that we would never achieve said dreams were correct: or whether we choose to break those old recordings and instead take the first brave steps to reach out and grasp the hopes, visions and dreams that lie inside and find ways to make them happen.

This week dare to dream big.  Don’t let “shoulds” or what you see or hear around you in the moment interfere with your dreams – just cut loose and imagine an unlimited future.  Be sure to write those dreams down so that when you achieve them you can go back and say; “See I dreamed a dream.  And then I made it happen”.  Learn to set goals , research if that’s what you need to do, take those concrete steps – one-by-one – that will walk your dream into a beautiful life; but dream … dream with everything that is in you and never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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