I am a seeker.

“I have been and still am a seeker,but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me.”   …   Hermann Hesse

Life is an adventure.  Like any good adventure novel it has high points and low moments, exciting parts, scary bits, sections with love and romance and lots of o-o-o-h”s and a-h-h-h-‘s.  Like the characters in a good book we seldom see the big picture whilst we are embroiled in the circumstances of the moment. (but that doesn’t change the fact that the big picture is there.)   And like the action heroes of our favourite books the ending of the story is not always clear either.  (and would we want it to be?)   Unlike the participants in a book, however, we have an advantage … we can choose to be more than just a character written by a greater hand … we can choose to experience life and the flow of Life itself with awareness; and by doing so, grow and change and become more than our previous scripts had allowed.

The world is full of distractions.  They come in all shapes and sizes from hurricane sized ones to the annoying-person-who-cut-you-off-in-the-parking-lot variety.  In our day-to-day lives there is very little to reinforce for us that we are anything more than just a collection of molecules wandering around on top of a big chunk of rock.  Jobs keep everyone running and stressed.  Lack of jobs keeps them frightened and stressed.  Daily traffic jams drop kick people into a teeth grinding frustration and … you guessed it … more stress.  Even family life – which once was the haven of peace in a crazy world – has begun a slow deterioration into chaos.  The world’s demands to do more and more and more have infiltrated the home and now time away from work and school is simply time to “do” more things.

Everywhere I look and everyone I see carries the signs of stress on their faces and in their body postures.  They rush.  They frown.  They are distracted.  They are impatient.  And they wonder, in the few quiet moments which they snatch for themselves, how life came to be this way and they sigh.  What can be done about all of this?  How does one escape the rush-rush, busyness of modern life?   There are innumerable books, courses and fabulous speakers out there all of whom have their own particular spin on the answers to these questions.  But what is reassuring to me: what gives me hope: is that at the core of almost every one of the “new” approaches is the same nugget of information, the same core.  Each person’s way of communicating this core varies – just as each of humanity is different from each other – but essentially they are all coming down to the same thing: namely … that there is more.

There is more to life than we see around us.  There is more to US than we had ever imagined and lastly; there is so much more to uncover and understand that even the scientists are questioning where, if at all, the ongoing search for “the smallest particle” will end and if they will discover God when they get there!  Science has proven that we and all that surrounds us are 90% space.  Imagine that!  I know that it might be hard to believe.  It certainly doesn’t feel that way when I bang my “spacious” knee on a wooden table … but they tell us – most assuredly – that indeed we are made up of mostly space.

H-m-m-m-m … how does that work?  I like the way in which Deepak Chopra walks me down through the layers of flesh and blood to end up at the cellular level: onward into the molecular level (because all cells are, after all, made up of molecules) and then down again into the atomic level.  And here’s where the magic begins … atoms have energetic little electrons bouncing around inside of an area that surrounds a central nucleus: but even science cannot predict where – at any given moment – said electron will appear – researchers just know that it exists somewhere in that space.  There’s that space thing again.  Yes indeed you guessed it … that little electron (and all of its cousins, friends and relatives) are partying down in a great big (for them) space.  That atom that they are a part of … well here we go again … it’s 90% space!  And, as Deepak points out … as EVERYTHING here is made up of atoms – by extrapolation everything is therefore composed of 90% space.

You know what’s really neat about that to me?  For millennia everyone, in every walk of life, from every belief system has been pondering on where God/the Universe/ Life might be hiding out.  Where might this enormous Creator of life be?  I must confess that I never really cottoned on to the idea that somewhere “out there” was a great big throne with a gray-bearded old-guy sitting on it and issuing dictates.  That just never sat right with me.  Having experienced my fair share of challenging times and also joyful times, of wonderful ah-ha moments and experiences that take my breath away I have a theory.   I think that “The Big Guy” is partying with the electrons in The Spaces!  It just makes so much sense.  If the spaces are everywhere and if we are all in agreement that the creator of everything is everywhere as well … well … it seems to me that the space thing and The Creator of All is a match made in the proverbial heaven.  From the spaces inside of us and around us Life hears us and interacts with us.  It knows our hearts and It knows our thoughts.  How could It not? It whispers to us of possibilities and of hope.  When we are sad It feels our pain – RIGHT FROM INSIDE OF US – and when we are filled with joy It celebrates.  (you can almost see the party decorations going up in the spaces!) It seems to me that we live within Life and that Life lives within us.  Wow – how neat is that!??!

This week give some thought to the interactive nature of life and of Life.  What could you accomplish and what would you be brave enough to change if you knew that you were never alone and that Life was constantly  “whispering teachings” to you – in your blood, in your mind or in your heart.  Take a moment each day to get quiet (even if it’s just a few minutes in the bathroom!) and reflect on the large amount of space inside of you; about the busy nature of that space and about the huge and incredible amount of wisdom that is also hiding out in there.  Maybe, this will be the week when, as Herman Hesse says: you can “listen to the teachings (your) blood whispers to (you)”.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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