I am Master of my fate.

“I am the Master of my Fate; I am the Captain of my Soul.”   …   W.C. Henley

In our hectic lives we often feel like anything but the Masters of our Fate.  Life’s circumstances seem to catch us up and carry us along like so much flotsam on a raging sea.  But what we have forgotten is that we carry within us our very own personal life raft in the form of our own thoughts.    Whilst there often seems to be very little over which we have any control every person has the power to control their thoughts.  And whether that looks like actively pursuing positive mental pathways or sliding down the road to despair, discouragement and fear our physical reality unerringly reflects our own internal landscape.

Thoughts are powerful things.  With a single thought a man or woman can create a new business, run for office or change their life path.  On the flip side; because in this world of dichotomies there is always a flip side … a single thought can lead a person to take their nation to war, it can mire them into ways of acting that serve no-one’s best interest but their own or cost the lives and jobs of millions.  Thoughts are indeed powerful things.  It behooves us to learn how to utilize our built-in, powerful accessories.  In these uncertain days it is time to drag out our Celestial Owner’s Manual, dust it off and put our attention upon the amazing gift that we have been given … the gift of free-choice.

You see, the power of control over our thoughts is actually the power of choice.  We have just stopped perceiving it that way.  Like the thoughts that lead us along the garden path towards option points in our lives choice itself is also a very powerful thing.  So powerful is choice in our lives that studies have found that whatever we consistently choose to think and to believe, not only about ourselves but about the world around us, is perfectly reflected back to us for our inspection and confirmation on a moment to moment basis.  I met a delivery truck driver in 2nd Cup one day and after some chit-chat about choices and the like he shared his philosophy with me … “If I’m driving down the road” he said” “and I see an accident and I look over there and keep on rubbernecking, well my car is going to go where my eyes are looking.  I figure that life is like that … where I put my focus is where I will go.”  Now there is a man who understands that choice; coupled with a prolonged and intense focus, will take him wherever he chooses to go.

People have forgotten that their microcosm is in a state of constant evolution and change: brought about by their moment to moment choices and by their choice to think and believe in either a positive or a destructive manner.  They have been taught to abdicate their personal responsibility.  Everyone is looking outside of themselves for the world to make things right.  They have forgotten that the only person who can truly make their world “right” is the one who looks back at them every morning in the mirror.  It is time to rediscover that the power to turn our lives around lies inside of each of us, that past the wounds and fears, past the hurts and misunderstandings lies a place wherein we can rest – even if only briefly – and re-evaluate what is going on around us with new eyes.  To truly master our lives and our fates we must first learn to follow our thoughts down whatever path they are on and then, if we don’t like the outcome that we can see racing up to meet us – make a choice to change them.

The power of choice – in EVERY moment – makes us “Captains of our souls and Masters of our fate” for with choice comes the ability to effect change in our lives.  Everyone has become so inundated with news networks and authority figures telling them how to think and how to interpret what they are seeing, hearing and feeling that they have forgotten that these people are simply offering a perspective. It’s true that they often offer these opinions in a loud, authoritative manner, but that does not change the fact that it is still their thoughts and it is their choice to believe them and to act upon them.  Now … here comes that choice thing again … OUR choice is what to do with the information overload with which we are constantly being barraged.

It is time to remember that we do not need to live with the world, as it is.  Unless we are in a war-torn, devastated area of the world there are still many options open to us.  We don’t even have to go looking for exotic ways in which we can change our lives – Life brings options right to our doorstep, so to speak, It brings these options right into our hearts and minds … in the form of thoughts and choices! How liberating it is when we realize that we need only open ourselves to the possibility of change to allow it into our lives; that we need never be stuck in any place or circumstance and that everything around us is open to tweaking and subject to change – based upon our own choices and our own thoughts.

This week why not try out a different internal path?  Pick an area of your life where you are experiencing frustration and take a good hard look at the road that your thoughts are traveling down.  Realize that from these thoughts you will make choices … and so, perhaps it is time to ask yourself a question … “Do I want to continue running my thoughts around and around on the same old gerbil wheel – getting the same old results – or would I like to explore a different option?” As you gain more understanding of your thoughts, their outcomes and your choices see how changing your belief system and said thoughts changes what is reflected back to you.   If you find yourself falling into old ways of thinking again don’t get discouraged – simply remember – it only takes 30 days to change an old habit, or thought, into a new one and in so, in one month you too can be “Master of your fate and Captain of your soul”.

Godspeed and Safe Journeying Everyone!


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