The most beautiful thing is the mysterious.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.”   …   Albert Einstein

Remember the VERY old T.V. show – “Dragnet”?  Yes, I know I’m showing my age … my parents used to watch it … REALLY!!  The main detective in the series had a way of looking at things that personifies how many people go through life: his philosophy on ascertaining what was going on was – “The facts ma’am – just the facts.”  Wouldn’t it be nice  if everything could be summarized and wrapped up with only a few salient “facts”? Unfortunately, that rarely seems to be the case.  There’s usually a ton of stuff going on in the background and all of that stuff acts as the drivers for the present condition. 

Life is like that – full of hidden mysteries – both good and not so great – just waiting to be uncovered – layer by layer.  It would certainly be easier if every time a problem arose we could apply a set of predetermined rules to achieve our preferred outcome, but wow would that ever get boring after awhile!  Part of the wonder of Life and of being alive here is the endless variety and innumerable possibilities that surround us every day … I am very fortunate.  I live in a nice area in a small town.  My yard isn’t very big, but it’s chock-a-block full of flowers, two apple trees, bird feeders and wind chimes.  To my great delight the flowers return every Spring, sending their shoots up through the ground, surprising me with how many more of them there are than the year before.  Not only does life continue in my yard, but it increases its bounty every year.  That is part of the wonder for me. … and the joy of noticing the unfolding magnificence of life and Life.

For every fact there is a wonder.  For every visible manifestation of logical progression there is a mystery.  What is it that causes one plant to flourish whilst the one right beside it is never seen again?  What is it that brings our geese home every Spring and sends them all fleeing in time to miss the incoming snow?   Is everything in life simply subject to the whims and vagaries of a capricious world?  I don’t think so.  I like to believe that there is an underlying orderliness that springs from a common universal energy: that past the facts there is a certain “something” that binds all of life into one big cohesive Life.

Don’t get me wrong; like Einstein I do appreciate that facts lend a certain veneer of order to things.  Logic allows us to walk around feeling that all is right with world – that everything is in its proper place and unlikely to just jump up and rearrange itself at will.  However, I feel that if logic and facts are the only things that dictate how the world is viewed then a vital piece of information is being overlooked.

Einstein calls this factor “the mysterious”.  It is the indefinable something that causes children and open adults to ooh and ahh over a field of daisies or a beautiful sunset.  It is the motivator behind our desire to surround ourselves (no matter how small our property may be) with nature and it is the inexplicable feeling that brings smiles to our faces as we wiggle our toes in the sand at the edge of a lake or taste wild berries plucked right off of the vine.  For me, admiring the wonder and feeling the awe doesn’t detract from the facts – it enhances them.  The facts tell me HOW things came to be the way they are in the world and the mysterious lets my imagination and heart fill in the gaps.

This week why not become a discoverer of mysteries … this week why not slow down enough to really take a look at what is around you.  My mother used to say that I needed to “slow down and smell the roses”.  That was her way of advising me to engage with Life.   Just take some time and rediscover the wonder of the world around you.  Einstein says that “The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the mysterious”.  If an unwavering belief in The Mysterious” was a vital aspect of one of the most brilliant scientific minds of our time, who am I to argue with success.  His “facts” agree with my “wonder” and if they agree with your long-lost-but-soon-to-be-recovered wonder as well then perhaps this week The Mysterious will pop back into your life from its hiding place just around the corner.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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