There are no extra pieces in THIS puzzle.

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.”   …   Deepak Chopra

I often look out at the world and wonder.  I wonder how I am going to make my business grow into its full potential.  I wonder how I will find the energy I need to write and publish my books, take care of my life and regain my health.  I wonder if I’m working fast enough, big enough, hard enough.  I wonder if I have been a good enough parent/partner/friend.  I wonder and I wonder and I wonder.  Fortunately there are those days when I just know.  Those are the days of redemption.  Those are the days when I am certain.  Thank God for those days, those moments and those knowings for they are the ones that keep me motivated and keep me moving.

Today is a day of knowing.   Today I see that although my piece of the puzzle has become dusty and a little bent around the edges from lack of use it is still recognizable.  And today I know that with a little soulful TLC and a little willingness to let go of the “old stuff” I can be ALL that I came to this planet intending to be.  Today I see my emerging inner self reflected outwards.  I see that the enormous amounts of energy that I have been funneling into healing up my body and soul are working.  HOORAY!!

Today is also a day of sharing.  I share my time, my thoughts and my energy.  I share them with family, with friends, with co-workers and with the people whom I meet and greet.  My sharing looks like knitting – presents for friends, sweaters for the future and investments in my sense of growing confidence.  Today sharing also looks like cooking –in anticipation of the coming together of friends – who at different times support and alternatively desire said support – and in recognition that the joy that comes to me from this act of creation will be multiplied as said friends and family partake of the fruits of my labour. Today is a good day.

Today I recognize at least a portion of where my piece of the puzzle fits and I know with absolute certainty that a greater hand than my own guides my placement.  Today my doubts and uncertainties are at rest as I shake off the dust from atop my previously weary body, mind and spirit and soak up a new vibe … a way of Being and feeling that I had long forgotten.  Today is a day for walking hand-in-hand with the Master Puzzle Maker Himself and for listening, learning and pausing in said walk to ask in astonishment: “Really?” … and then to laugh.

We all have our moments of wondering what our destiny is and how we will ever uncover our unwounded selves.  I used to wonder if it was possible to juggle my family, my partner, my jobs and my own inner needs, wants and desires.  Funny thing is … after all of these life experiences … after all that has changed … after all that has been lost … and all that has been found I still have my moments of wondering.  What I have learned is that although the short answer to my query is “Yes, it is possible to juggle the outside and inside world.”  the longer answer is that in order to do that amazing balancing act and the wondrous feats of prestidigitization that I have come to expect from my big co-puzzle player I must first find ways to toss out the old dusty bits that no longer serve any useful purpose and restore balance to the INSIDE of me first.

On the days when I feel that I am a square puzzle piece trying to fit into numerous round puzzle spots I reassure myself with the knowing that we all have a spot where we belong in the bigger scheme of things.  Often we battle with ourselves and with the Universe about that spot, what it looks like and what we have to do … or not do … to find it and fit there.  The good news is … for me and for everyone else who is walking around on the green side of the grass … that all of us have a spot that no-one else can fill in quite the way that each of us can.   Each of us is a unique and valuable person and when we finally come to accept that who we are is always going to be big enough, strong enough and perfect enough to fill our spot then we discover that we are already there!  Imagine not having to do anything in particular to be good enough …other than being the best we that we can be in each moment.  Imagine!

This week why not let yourself feel … if only for a moment … that you are indeed a perfect puzzle piece.  Imagine that your piece is already constructed in its entirety and in all its perfection and that all you have to do is walk through life – past the scary bits, over the nasty chunks, and through the joyful pieces – as the great hand places you in the perfect spot.  If life is a puzzle of amazing and often overwhelming complexity then be thrilled that you don’t have to be the one to figure out where your piece fits!  This week imagine yourself moving easefully forward.  Imagine that each step that you take brings you closer to your goal – that of being in alignment with your life purpose and with You.  No matter what this week looks like give yourself a round of applause because “everyone has a place to fill” and you are walking, running or racing towards to it.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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