Becoming Authentic

“We need to find the courage to say NO to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.”   …   Barbara De Angelis

Today is the day during which we can choose to change ourselves.  Today it is yet another new day in yet another new year.  It is a time filled with yet more resolutions and intentions to make great changes in our lives.  Today is another new day … and yet … if nothing changes inside of us … it is simply another day like every other day, in every other year.  I’m tired of the same-old, same-old.  The old script leaves me cold and uninterested. I am ready to make some meaningful changes.  Anyone else want to come along?

I feel the winds of change blowing.  I feel the passing of the old and the pausing of the Universal in-breath before the arrival of the new.  I feel a space opening up inside of me – a space which quivers; ready and willing to dance to the new beat of the Universal drummer.  I am an instrument of potential and I am almost ready to answer the call.  “Almost?” you ask.  “Yes,” I respond, “almost.”  I am the partially finished flute whose basic structure is in place, whose finger holes are carved and who simply waits: for the finishing touches, for the final polishing and for the breath of a Master to blow the perfect note.

The last few years of hanging out in the refining fire of Life, through the venue of medical crises, have changed me.  The last month of diving head-first into the deep end of tumultuous, stormy seas have done their job of taking me out to the boundaries (yet again) between this world and the next and then depositing me, tumbled and shaken, back upon the beach.  I think that I lost a part of myself out there in the swirling ocean.  I think that I lost the part that thought it knew not only where I was going, but how I was going to get there.

Out in the ocean, living moment to moment, I became the flotsam that floats where the current takes it.  The shore was so very far away that at times I lost sight of it altogether and in those moments – when there was nothing but me and the Hand of the Universe – I re-learned that this world contains a life that sambas, races and/or ambles around me; which I am only peripherally able to affect and which affects me only in so much as we both exist within it.  Out in the ocean, I remembered that I actually, truly exist snuggled up tight within that great Master’s Hand and that, that is the place from which the answers to ALL of my hows, whens and wheres originate.

It has been a challenging month.  I have been, at turns, frightened, resigned, calm and inspired.  Whilst we were out swimming and visiting The Universe managed to gently blow away a whole bunch of life-long nonsense that I had been carrying around.  I am very happy about this!   It also brought to the surface, for my inspection, a load of deeply buried, VERY old and scary stuff – all of which is currently in the process of packing its bags and being escorted off of the Susanne premises.  Hooray!

And so, this leads me back to the “Almost” statement of before.  The old fears and ways of being are going or gone.  I am not ready to leap out into the world of humanity yet … but I can feel that the time is coming.  The body is healing.  The soul is clarifying.  I am “almost” ready for the next phase of my journey.  I do not know what it will look like yet.  I’m still so lost in each moment and in the joy of uncovering this new/old me whose presence I suspected but never knew.  I suspect that soon the signs on my internal landscape will indicate that a brand new road is about to be traveled… but for now … I am living in this moment … and watching … and feeling …

This week, why not find a moment of your own in which to pause.  We are all so busy rushing around that we often forget that our world and our lives are REALLY driven by what is INSIDE of us much more than what is outside.  This week, begin the journey of remembering… remembering the beauty of YOU; remembering that who you are and what you think and believe is IMPORTANT, for no-one else in this world will ever be able to walk, create, sing, dance or manifest with the Universe in the same unique and beautiful way that YOU will.  The authentic you is who you came here to be … now is the time … here is the place …

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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4 Responses to Becoming Authentic

  1. Richard Geer says:

    ‘hanging out in the refining fire of life’,
    then finding out your real life
    is in the hands of the Great Boogedyshoo

    very well said,
    and you know that i walked that path with you,
    which validates the whole *&%$#% journey, n’est-ce pas?
    couldn’t be a better foundation,
    and congratulations
    on your Ph.D. from the University of White Hot Purgatory,
    i suspect you’re close to pure gold by now 😉

  2. Darlene Nicholson says:

    Happy New Year Susanne

    You never cease to amaze me. Your sharing of the journey is so real and authentic. Thank you for being who you really are.
    With Gratitude & Blessings

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