We are Beautiful Mirrors.

“The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting their beliefs. So relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth.”   …   Shakti Gawain

I love the beautiful mirrors in my life.  I see myself in them and they leave me wondering, compassionate and open to change.  I wonder if today, they are showing me my yesterday’s beliefs or my tomorrow’s outcomes.  I learn compassion for myself and my idiosyncrasies as I practice natural caring for them.  And I learn through watching that the ONLY way in which my life will improve, the same-old circumstances will stop showing up and that I can bring more joy into this moment is to first allow and then to welcome change into my life.

As I peer into the mirrors around me I have opportunities to explore so many aspects of myself and to acknowledge not only where I have been, but also, where I am presently and, if I’m lucky, a few sneak peeks at how things might turn out should I choose not to change.  Relationships unfold for my contemplation and recently they have certainly been giving me “pause for the cause”.  What I find REALLY fascinating is when numerous examples of the same problem or characteristic show up at the same time, in examples that are so similar as to be virtually the same in all of the people’s lives around me!  Those are the moments when I stop everything that I am doing and have a good hard, long look at my own life to try to discern what this repeating message has to tell me … before it shows up on my doorstep in person.

I feel really blessed to have these wonderful mirrors/friends in my life and to be able to be a mirror for them as well: whether they recognize me as such or not.  I have learned through the School of Hard Knocks that I really DON’T need to experience every single challenging aspect of life for myself.  I am finally, really O.K. with simply being observant, striving for Understanding and getting the lesson at a distance.  And it amazes and awes me to see how many, different mechanisms for our learning the Creator of the Universe has set in place.

My big lesson during this week past was that of courage.  In these recent times, when I had pretty much forgotten that I had any courage … at all, when the circumstances that had come along felt like multiple, completely unexpected train wrecks and when I woke up and found myself skiing on the slippery slope of loss of hope, I looked outward and found a way to renew myself.  I have a friend, with a huge, giving and loving heart, who has had a train wreck year of her own.  Whilst her “bad times” mirror reflected different challenges for her than mine did for me I came to the realization that we were more similar in the important ways than we were different.  Over the last year, no matter how hard her life got, no matter how much she wished that things were other than they were and no matter how many times her hopes and dreams seemed dashed she soldiered on.  She is my inspiration.  Her mirror reminds me that whilst I may not be thrilled with the adversity in my life I have it within me to pick myself up, dust myself off, slip my hand back into the Hand of the Universe and ask the question: “So where do we go now?”

And where we go now is forward again.  It’s time to widen the joyous, opening space inside, to restart the Dance of Life and to remember.  It’s time to remember that no matter how much water has flowed underneath my proverbial (and these days very soggy) bridge that I do indeed have bridges to cross.  In fact it is coming to my attention that I probably fit that old adage about: “people to see, places to go and things to do”, pretty darn well.  I am awakening and my goal this week is to grab a bottle of Universal Windex along with a roll of Celestial paper towelling and give my own mirror a darn good cleaning.  I want to look inside of it and see the real and joy filled Me looking back.  I want to watch excitedly as The Universe and I remind others of how to dance, laugh, sing again and recognize the wonderful little (and sometimes big) clues that are liberally sprinkled throughout our lives to remind us of our beauty and potential.  This week I want to shine.

Now we come to YOUR week.  This week why not buff up the shine on your mirror?  And while you are busy cleaning and polishing make sure that you take good note of the amazing ways and means which the Universe has placed around you to assist you in seeing some of your previously hidden patterns, thoughts and ways of being.  I have discovered that I have two options in the way that I view the mirrors around me: 1) I can be in total denial that those reflections have anything whatsoever to do with me and simply finger point or 2) I can look at and listen to the outpourings of said mirrors and then look at myself.  There’s no doubt that it’s easier to be in denial and blame and that, sometimes that looking-back thing can be uncomfortable but the good news is that it is ALWAYS illuminating and I ALWAYS learn something about me when I drop my judgments and open to the Truth.  If “relationship is one of our most powerful tools for growth” then, this week why not open your arms wide and grow, grow, grow.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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2 Responses to We are Beautiful Mirrors.

  1. Penny says:

    You have a beautiful style of writing. You have my same sentiments on regards to looking into a mirror. I have found when I look into a mirror, I am looking at the problem as well as seeing the solution. We all have mirrors in life.

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks Penny! Sometimes the reflections around me can be disconcerting – but I still feel blessed to be able to see them as that gives me a chance to do something about the challenges in my own life before they become too big.

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