Right now is where happiness lies

“The formula for happiness is quite simple: Regardless of what happened early this morning, last week or last year – or what may happen later this evening, tomorrow or three years from now – RIGHT NOW is where happiness lies.” …Richard Carlson

Everybody is so busy looking backwards.   You know if we drove our cars the way we drive our lives the roads would be nothing but a massive pile-up of accidents.  Maybe we should consider that example more seriously the next time we are inclined to point our fingers, place blame for our current mental, emotional and/or physical unhappiness on things and conversations that have occurred in the past or decide that yesterday is the viewpoint from which we choose to see today.

If I were to drive my car forward by looking in the rear view mirror I would never see, not only what is coming, but what is actually in front of me.  I feel the same way about interacting with the people I meet.  If I let the sad things that happened in the past or the mean things that people said become my drivers through life then I have committed myself to allowing wounded chauffeurs to dictate the course of my journey.  That’s like letting kamikaze pilots run the show!  I think that I’m going to fire the drivers who only want to live in my past and direct my life myself.  It may not be perfect, but at least it will be me-inspired.  Oh yeah!



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  1. You have such an amazing way of putting things into words! Thank you ~ i love this!

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