The amazing power of Observation.

“You can see a lot just by observing” … Yogi Berra

I’ve been a watcher for quite a few years now: an avid observer of the vagaries of human behaviour as seen from the corner table of the local Starbucks or Second Cup.  Now you may wonder what kind of people I could possibly be viewing in a coffee shop.  And my response is: “Wow, would you ever be surprised – I certainly was!”

Now that I am waking back up it would seem that my “Observation Engine” has been replaced with a newer, more intense model.  I find that I am constantly being moved back into Understanding and out of Judgment by the mere act of watching.  I wish that I could say that it is always through the act of unbiased watching that this occurs … however … to be honest … that isn’t always my starting point.  The good news – from my point of view – is that nowadays at least it is where I end up.

Yogi Berra is right; “You can see a lot just by observing.” I’m loving how much more Understanding blossoms in me when I’m really, really looking at people.  From the cashiers and customers at the local Wal-Mart to the clientèle at Starbucks and right on down to the friends and friends-of-friends who visit here there is a beauty that hides beneath their defenses.  I don’t think that they see themselves that way – either beautiful OR defensive – but I do … and all it took for me to do so was to slow down enough to look outward past my own nose.

Observing, counting to a hundred and remembering to watch what is really happening instead of what the Gerbil-Wheel-Mind says is happening … I think that, that’s the ticket.  I think that this is a skill that I’m going to do my best to practice a lot more.  Discovering the beauty inside of others makes all the effort worthwhile and when it comes right down to it Understanding is sitting out there just under each person’s skin – just waiting for us to find and embrace it.  I like that the Power of Observation teaches me Understanding – it feels so good when I get it that I’ve decided that, that’s the place in which I choose to live!



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4 Responses to The amazing power of Observation.

  1. Jeff says:

    Great article! “Observation without judgment” helped me through my suffering earlier on and still does. Through non-biased observation – sitting in a coffee shop and people watching without judgment I can put myself in a meditative state – calms the mind and I feel and hear actually sound – heels clicking, people shuffling, coffee brewing – all is it really is – without judging conversations. Everything becomes one big blur – but a good one, and peace resides in me.

  2. I agree 100% — it’s so rewarding to slow down and look past our own self. I spent more than 25 years working full time and rushing around to keep up with my busy life. I’m now unemployed, after being layed-off last year, and I find the luxury of time to be slow is priceless. I love what you said about the Power of Observation teaching Understanding. I’ve been trying to use my time to help others. I will practice more observant understanding to become aware of opportunities to make someone else’s life a little easier. Thank you for your beautiful motivation!

    • Susanne says:

      Hi Sue. I do so understand about the running-around-being-busy syndrome that we pick up somewhere in life. I have been a victim of it too and even now … if I’m not diligently watching myself … it creeps quietly back in, urging me to do more and to keep running. Heck no! Been there, done that and not only “got the t-shirt” but gave them all away to Goodwill … AND … I don’t want them back! 😀 I wish you all the best in your pursuits. Susanne

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