I’m braving storms and learning how to sail.

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”  …   Louisa May Alcott

I seem to have had a navigator who thought it was his job to steer my little boat through some of the toughest storms on the planet.  When questioned about this disturbing habit he responded: “Well, you learn the most from the stormy seas – maximum bang for the buck you know!”  Right after that explanation … I decided that I need a new rudder-man … someone who understands the difference between the easeful, gentle kind of learning that I have in mind and the shredding-the-canvas, flooding-the-boat-and-nearly sinking-the-whole-darn-enterprise kind of lessons that he obviously thinks are appropriate.  I need someone who understands Balance and Moderation!

As Louisa May Alcott said: “I am not afraid of storms” … neither the emotional nor the physical ones.  In fact, I think that I’m turning into a relatively good (if not slightly damp) sailor … it’s just … after all is said and done down here on good-old-Planet-Earth … I feel that enough is enough … and it’s definitely time for a break.  I know the signs … and I see a couple of huge, disconcerting patches up ahead (and as you probably guessed I am referring to my medical journey.)

On the bright side I also see some clear sailing.  And whilst I understand that Life may choose to aid and abet said navigator in his educational endeavours … at this point in my life I am making a choice for calmer sailing … even if it’s only a brief respite.  Don’t get me wrong … I like my navigator – I learn a lot and I see people and situations that I would miss if it were not for the challenges with which he presents  me, however, for now … or at least the next few months … I would like to meet some of the people who live on the sunny side of life.

I know that Faith is the wind that blows my little boat’s sails.  And that Life is the Mysterious One who keeps said boat afloat in the worst of storms.  I know how to sail in and out of tough times, I’m grateful for the moments of peace when I can clear my head and heal from the latest adventure and I appreciate the time to take a big breath as I sit on the dock, eyeing the horizon.  Perky Polly and I have decided to sit down and have a heart to heart with Life AND the Navigator.  We believe that we can learn just as much right smack in the middle of a loving, calm lunch at the dockside café as we can in the midst of turmoil.  So … we’re negotiating for either a bigger, more comfortable boat so that we can weather the storms of life more easily … or … fewer storms, more dock and beach time with one-on-one tutorials instead.  Polly and I think that, that sounds really good.



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2 Responses to I’m braving storms and learning how to sail.

  1. Susan Thompson says:

    Even in hurricanes there is an eye in the middle of the storm that allows one to catch her breath, to survey the area, and to possibly even change places of safety.

    Blessings and peace to you Susanne.


    • Susanne says:

      Thanks for the reminder and perspective Sue! And yes, I agree with you, no matter where we are there is always a way to “change places of safety” and find a place of calm. We just need to pause long enough to feel for it. Nameste. Susanne

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