Everyday Miracles

“If you turn it over to the Universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you.  This is where magic and miracles happen.”   …   Joe Vitale  

Every day I see evidence of the presence and attention of the Universe in my life.  Granted some days it’s a little harder to spot than others, but that’s alright because other days it’s pretty much unmistakable!  I have a bag full of stories that remind me that the great Creator of all is only a thought away and whenever I start to doubt the forward direction of my life I have only to remember … or to ask anew … to be reminded once again that Life is interactive with Its creation.

I thought that today I would share an example of one of my own “magic” times.   I realize that there may be those for whom this story will be simply that … a story, however, I know that it – and all of the ones that are still residing in my bag of memories –  are so much more than that.  You see I am of the belief that “I will see it when I believe it”, hence I am always believing and almost never disappointed in what I see appear in my life.

One story that never fails to draw out o-o-o-oh’s and a-h-h-h-h’s from everyone is the sofa story.  After inheriting a seemingly nice sofa from my dad (and finding out that it really belonged at the curbside) I looked around my very naked living room and figured that I would simply have to get used to sitting on the floor for a while.  One week later, 8 houses to the East – on a sunny Sunday morning – what should I discover at the curb but a perfect sofa – no rips, no tears and no stains: it even matched my room colours!  After confirming with the previous owner that, indeed, there was nothing wrong with it I dragged it home.  Wait the story isn’t over.  One year later my new kitten had christened 3 out of the four cushions with his nails.  As you can imagine, I was NOT impressed.  What did thrill me though was that within a week of deciding that I would have to find a way to recover said cushions the identical sofa appeared at the end of a driveway approximately 8 houses to the West of me.  The body was shot but guess what?  The cushions were all in perfect condition.  What are the odds of that happening?   So, I cheerfully trotted back and forth replacing my ripped cushions with the unwanted perfect cushions: thanking the Universe all the while for being such an attentive and creative friend.

I believe that the Universe hears all of our requests and then waits patiently for us to allow It to fulfill our wishes.  I know that often I am in the way of great things arriving but each day I am working on the inside of me so that there are fewer roadblocks between me, here on Earth, and the arrival – straight from the Universe – of the really big things that I have asked for.    I am learning more and more that if I really want a great result – something beyond my wildest dreams – that I have only to ask, surrender my ideas of how things “should” look, turn it over to the Universe and then step back and open my arms.  Who knows … perhaps tomorrow will be the day when abundance comes pouring in, drenching me in its beauty, perfection and joy.  I believe that it’s time for me to restart the dance of life with the perfect partner … your lead, Universe …

Godspeed Everyone!


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