Following breadcrumb trails and looking for tomorrow.

“We are at our very best and we are happiest when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves.  It makes everything else so wonderful and so worthwhile.”   …   Earl Nightingale  

What an interesting species and people we have become.  We have let what we think that we should do take the place of what we love to do.  Our whole society is primarily based upon the principle of acquisition or as a friend of mine used to say: “Those with the most toys at the end of the day – win.”  Wow that just makes me shudder and utter a very typical, Canadian comment … that being … “Oh my.”

Now don’t get me wrong; I love pretty surroundings and everyone who knows me knows I love my “kitchen toys”, however, not at the cost of my friends and family, my perceived path or my happiness.  Been there, done that … not only “got the t-shirt” but happily, have managed to give most of the aforementioned shirts away.    Life has brought into sharp focus for me the huge contrast between “The Should Road” and “joyful pursuit of my path”.  I have managed to figure out that “shoulds” are really things that other people think that I should do but are usually things that I don’t really want to do – some of which I’m not even any good at!  That and Life’s lessons have me in hot pursuit of finding my joy … which I believe will lead me down my Path of Purpose with a lot more ease and happiness than the Should Road ever did!

So far Earl Nightingale seems to be correct.  When I’m “engaged in work (I) enjoy on the journey toward (my) goal … it makes everything else so wonderful and worthwhile.”  Each day I wake up and wonder what new and exciting tidbits the Universe will be sending my way.  Each evening I go to bed smiling at the interesting and cool ways in which I was guided farther along my path.  My goal these days is to share what I have learned, to assist others to find the great and beautiful souls who have been hiding out inside their lives and to do all aspects of my life with as much joy as possible.

I watch the twin signposts of Joy and Pain so that I can discover a) what works well (that would be the Joy) and b) what doesn’t work so great (yes indeed, that would be the pain.)  The inner gyroscope has finally figured out how to capture my attention and bring me back to Center and Perky Polly and I are remembering how to dance.  We like this new way of uncovering our path.  Who knew that Joy could leave such an impressive “bread crumb trail” behind?

Godspeed and Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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2 Responses to Following breadcrumb trails and looking for tomorrow.

  1. grightnow says:

    Very interesting post! Get ahead, discover your path. Fear not the journey and enjoy the bread crumbs! I have worked with many young people and like to share this with you


    • Susanne says:

      Good Morning Sum Heng! Thanks for your encouragement. I am indeed enjoying “the breadcrumbs”, the wonderful places that they are leading me and the terrific people whom I meeting along the way. Keep up the good work of encouraging others and I think that soon you will notice that you are leaving a breadcrumb trail of your own behind for others to follow. Nameste. Susanne

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