I’m listening to a new radio station … Channel L.O.V.E.

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. ”  …  Mahatma Gandhi 

The Universe speaks in One Voice.  Its voice is quiet, gentle, caring and supportive.  Love is the language of the Universe.  It does not demand obedience nor does It crave power.  It simply is … and It lives and creates for Its creations.  Sometimes the Voice of the Universe is easy to overlook.  Sometimes the Truth that rings through Its messages are challenging to accept and frightening to consider. But the Voice of Life never compels  … it only reminds and suggests.  Gentle, compassionate speech, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

“The Others” scream in a maddening cacophony of noise.  Their screams inflame, blame, enrage and point fingers.  Fear is the language of The Others and Control fills their every waking thought and desire.  It is difficult to tune out the voice of The Others … their discordant messages fill the air waves and soak into the minds of the unwary.  The Others scream in ever-increasing volume: trying to drown out the Universe’s voice.  It isn’t working!

I imagine that I am a radio.  I have within me; as does everyone here on Planet Earth, the ability to turn down the volume of The Others fear mongering.  Upon closer examination I discover that said internal radio has several Universal, Factory Pre-Set channels and upon taking an even closer look I observe that the most powerful and amazing of these is the ever-present Voice of the Universe – channel L.O.V.E.

I believe that it is time to start listening to channel L.O.V.E. again and to find ways to amp up the volume of said station so that the world’s screaming fades into the background – right where it belongs.  The Universe will never coerce us into listening – It doesn’t have to – for It is an ever-present, foundational program and it is available to us as soon as we pause, breathe, listen and choose.  Our choices tune our internal radios to Station L.O.V.E. Our increasing focus upon Its messages turns up the volume.

The Universe speaks in One Voice.  The Others scream in a maddening cacophony of noise.  The L.O.V.E. radio station soothes my jangled nerves and reminds me of how good it feels to return to the Center of myself, to tune into Truth and to rediscover my soul.  When the Fearful Felicities and Franks of the world are whipped into uneasy wakefulness I crank up the volume of The Universe, grab Perky Polly and Faithful Fergus and dance.  We fly free – reassured that we are safe and supported – no matter how it may look, or sound, in the world.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!



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6 Responses to I’m listening to a new radio station … Channel L.O.V.E.

  1. Jeff says:

    Another Dandy Suzy you’re a great writer…I like Faithful Fergus, sounds like a country singer or really nice guy or both…I hope to be a faithful ferg on my path to enlightenment I know I can with good friends like you by my side.

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks Jeff. I’m awed by your writing as well. For me “Faithful” = “In alignment” … with capital “M” me AND with Life. Guess I’ll keep on doing my best to remain tuned into Channel L.O.V.E. 😀 Susanne

  2. Richard Geer says:

    most of all,
    love for the agitated folks in their jerky moments
    (nothing like us, of course 😉

    • Susanne says:

      Of course not Richard … 😀 … However, on the off chance that we should happen to wander through the discordant parts of the world on a regular basis … well … thank goodness for channel L.O.V.E … ne c’est pas!??! Susanne

  3. Karen says:

    Yea! to the L.O.V.E. station! Hanging out in that place helps me open up and enables me to access deeper understandings of what’s happening in my world, and ‘the’ world. L.O.V.E. truly and deeply soothes the Soul. It’s ‘The BEST’ to live from! 😉

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