Creating a life with Truth, Goodness & Beauty

“The ideals which have lighted me on my way, and time after time, given me new courage to face life cheerfully have been Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.”   …   Albert Einstein

When I look at the Internet I see a wondrous cornucopia of snapshots of the world condition.  I can visit corners of the world which would otherwise be virtually unknowable to me and see cultures and hear ideas which give me the opportunity to open my mind to new and different ways of thinking.  Seeing and hearing and learning remind me to become more accepting of others and more understanding of what beliefs and forces drive them to live the lives that they live: to live less on the surface of things and to react more from the depths.

The Internet brings tragedies and horrors to my doorstep as well, but I choose to see these as examples of how – sometimes – with some people – the huge variety of ideologies and the outcomes of choices that are available can lead people to exercise their options to walk VERY different and sometimes very dark paths. Happily, I have figured out that just because darkness is present in the world doesn’t mean that I have to make it my best friend or even casual traveling companion.   I exercise my “Choice Option” by watching, feeling and choosing to experience the potential for Joy and for Love that are present in EVERY person and situation …  Like Albert Einstein I know that Truth, Goodness and Beauty can spring up and flower even in the most unexpected places.

I have learned, through observing my own life as well as that of others lives that if Goodness and Truth are what I am determined to find and to generate then they are what I will find and they are what I will create.  It’s not a case of burying my head in the sand and pretending that nothing scary ever happens!  Rather, this approach is more about finding the ray of light that exists even in the darkest corners and then; finding ways – big or small – to share said light with others.

And so … I continue to Observe – both myself and those around me.  I remind myself daily that Life holds me safe within Its palm – even when I have some doubts about that.  And I reassure myself that no matter what occurs on good old planet Earth Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the behind-the-scenes-drivers of a creator whose belief in us never waivers.  That’s a good thought for it fills me with hope and reminds me to keep on watching for and believing in the wonderful synchronicities of life.  I figure if those qualities are good enough for The Creator of Life then they can definitely be good enough for me!

Godspeed Everybody!


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