Life as a dock jumper.

“Warm, eager, living life – to learn, to desire, to know – to feel, to think, to act: that is what I want … and nothing less.”  …  Katherine Mansfield

Every day I meet or talk to people for whom life is a challenge and who firmly believe that MY life must be a huge one too.  I quickly do my best to dissuade them of this notion; as I don’t feel that way about my path.  Maybe it’s just semantics but I prefer to think of my path as, not only the road less traveled, but also the road less paved.

For all that there have been rocky patches, bumpy spots and valleys in which it was hard to see the other side there have also been wondrous heights, times of smooth, guided sailing and feelings of connection – to Life and to the life that flows around me.  The memories of these positive times and my belief that they will return to frequent my life again are what sustain me on the patches of life’s road which could use some serious reconstruction.

Here in my middle years I have returned to being a dock jumper.  As a young child I was an open book – whatever I thought, felt or wanted to do was right there – not only on my face – but in my life.  I gather that this was uncomfortable enough for the adults around me that they decided to retrain me to be more reserved, cautious and fearful.  Wow, am I ever glad that THOSE tendencies are being replaced by the natural, effervescent and buoyant spirit who first arrived here on good old planet Earth!

To help support my renewed way of thinking and living I believe that it is time to don, what a friend calls: my “Super Sue” socks.  My Super Sue socks are brightly coloured so that every time I feel like looking (or feeling) down they bring a smile to my lips and a laugh to my voice.  Super Sue socks keep my feet warm and make them feel like dancing, skipping and hopping.  They are my childhood spirit returned to play in the world.  And they are my soul eager to share the joys of flowing hand-in-hand with Life … as we grin, laugh and jump off every dock that comes our way … Geronimo!!

Arinaste! (from my heart to your heart)


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2 Responses to Life as a dock jumper.

  1. First off I love the quote and it certainly makes a good guide. I’m laughing about the Super Sue Socks, I wonder what the equivalent is for a guy…maybe a gaudy pear of sneakers.

    It’s great to have something to remind us just to relax and have fun… even poke a little fun at ourselves so we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

    And I’m with you…dock jumping , puddle splashing, and anything else to put the smile back on my face when I momentarily lose it.

    Thanks for putting back the smile and inspiring me today.


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