Today is the beginning of my new life – video worth seeing

I was so moved when I watched this video.  It reminded the deep parts of me that there is so much more going on this world than simply what I see around me.

I was reminded of how the Universe conspires on our behalf to give us a wonderful and awesome life and how all we have to do is show up, accept the gifts and say “Thank You”.

Most people have seen or heard of “The Secret”.  And from that perspective I suppose that this  is nothing new … and yet … at the same time it is … I believe that anything that takes us back to the Truth and beauty of who we really are and reconnects us with the awesomeness & generous nature of the Universe is worth rediscovering over and over and over again.   And so … from that point of view I hope that this little video will help YOU to remember your own beautiful and worthwhile spirit and how loved and cherished you are.

Godspeed Everybody!



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