Be the difference – Create a good life.

“People have it backwards.  You live a good life because you feel good.  You don’t feel good because you’re living a good life.”    …   Abraham Hicks

I have found that life is really what we make of it.  Everybody has high points and low points in their moment to moment, day-to-day, year to year …. well … all of the time really!  I have come to figure out that, if every moment has the potential to hold great times or scary, yucky times then I have two choices: I can either be swept along – willy-nilly – like a helpless and powerless piece of flotsam on the water; OR I can choose how I am going to feel and therefore have a better chance of making the kinds of decisions that will maximize my opportunities to feel good and to make positive choices.

So many people are waiting for circumstances to change or their lives to turn around so that they can feel happy, successful and/or loved.  What I have discovered is that if I am constantly waiting for everything around me to change so that better times can show up then I am spending my time getting frustrated on a long, dusty train platform: waiting for a train that may never show up.  What if, instead, I explored other options?  I could try a different train, or hire a cab or ride a bike or, if I have infinite time to wait, settle down with a good book.

If the last two years have taught me nothing else, they have taught me that my happiness depends on me and my attitude towards life.  I’ve had days that I was glad to see the end of.  On the flip side I’ve had beautiful and amazing red-letter days.  And you know what?  Sometimes the actual, physical circumstances weren’t that hugely different … but the way I felt that day; about them, myself and the world certainly was!  Life’s challenges have taught me that whether or not I hang out with Perky Polly is totally dependent on me.  She is always knocking on my door early in the morning … it’s my choice whether I open it or not.  If instead, I choose to sit and talk on my internal phone with Grumpy Gus and then decide to throw a huge Pity Party at which I am the star attraction … well then I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to have a terrible day, no matter what is going on around me.

My life is good.  There are challenges – that I can choose to meet head on (or not) – and there are great times for which I heartily thank the Universe.  Through all of these I am doing my best to continue to do my happy dance with Life and with optimistic, playful and happy internal – and external – companions.  For me it’s the only way to fly.  Knock, knock … Can Perky Polly come out to play?

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying!


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4 Responses to Be the difference – Create a good life.

  1. Susan Thompson says:

    Just getting caught up on your articles, Susanne. I need to let the “busy-ness” of my day go for just a few minutes so I can be inspired with your writing. I’ve missed it and have missed much….your hospitalization…..I hope you are recovering well. I will send my prayers and good thoughts to you for continued healing.
    After catching up here on your motivating and inspirational thoughts, I can see where I’ve slipped back and worried and tried to control different aspects of life instead of dealing with it as it happens. I have to remember the only control I have is over myself and how I think and react to the world around me.
    So a new epiphany for me (several in this past year)……take a few minutes each day for inspiration to help motivate me (and yes, meditation, Jeff) to help deal with my busy-ness of life. It sure will be easier than trying to control it!!!
    Thanks Susanne….be well and heal well.

    • Susanne says:

      Hi Susie … thanks for taking the time to write! I definitely understand “busyness” … I used to say that I was “making busy” as opposed to doing things that were soul satisfyingly busy … 😀 It’s so easy to slip into the old ways isn’t it!??! Thankfully, I am finding it easier these days to a) catch myself when I do and b) have a look at my sometimes less than wonderful responses to life’s current crisis. As soon as I remember to; I ask myself two questions … 1) How am I feeling about what’s going on and my reactions to it? and 2) How do I want to feel and act? I don’t always like it when the answer shows me how I’m acting but it certainly does tend to put me back on a more happiness oriented train! Godspeed. Susanne

  2. jeff says:

    Great article again Susanne. It clearly is a choice. Fear is what got in the way for me and probably many others. We sdont see the choice so we follow the past programming. But yeah, it really doesn’t matter about what happens as long as were having fun. Every time I feel myself wanting to “control”, I stop and meditate. Once I’m calm, I can see the trick of my mind, everything if fine. The train will arrive shortly.

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks Jeff! Yeah the old mind is full of tricks and excuses and if we listen to them we might even start believing them … and then what? We’re stuck in the middle of an old story and missing out on writing our own NEW book. I think I’ll do my best to keep on going for the positive choices ….

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