Presenting the one and only … original me!

“Never change your originality for the sake of others, because no one can play your role better than you.” …   Unknown  

I’m afraid if I see one more commercial containing buff young men & women patiently explaining to me that if I join XYZ Fitness club or ABC Diet program that I too can look just like them that I’m going to be seriously tempted to throw a shoe at the screen.  I am in the glorious middle years of my life.  I am NEVER going to look like them, think like them or work-out like them again … and that’s O.K. with me … because I am ME.

In this hurry-hurry, gotta-be-the-best world it seems that being whom we really are is not a much sought after quality.   But I have a question.  If we all looked alike, thought alike and acted alike wouldn’t that be kind of boring?  I don’t know about you but I’m not looking to find friends or partners who are just like everyone else.  I’m on the lookout for unique individuals who, like me, want to share their inside selves with my inside self:  person to person, soul to soul, real to real.

Maybe this being real thing has something to do with getting older.  Or perhaps it lies in the understanding that whilst the inside of me may be an exciting, fun and vivacious 20-something the outside housing has long ago left that age behind.  Or maybe … just maybe … it has very little to do with those things and everything to do with the lessons that Life has brought to my doorstep.  Experiences that have taught me that the true beauty of my friends lies in their beautiful hearts, their amazing, giving natures, their funny little ways and who they truly are.  No two of my friends are alike and I like them that way, after all variety is the spice of life!  Likewise I am not like any of their other friends either … and they like me this way.

I believe that, like all of us, I am here to, amongst other things,  share my uniqueness with the people in this interesting little world.  This me, who dances through life, has qualities that no-one else whom I know has.  Allowing my soul to look out through my eyes and interact with everyone I meet offers perspectives that are new and different – both to others and often to me as well.  I am not and never have been like anyone else.  I’m unique and finally after all these years I view this as not only O.K. but an actual positive quality.  Sometimes it’s challenging to be the square peg jumping up and down on all the round holes … but that’s O.K. because I understand that I have a role to play and that no-one can play MY role better than the real, true, original me.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!



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2 Responses to Presenting the one and only … original me!

  1. Beautiful! I love this… thank you, it’s so inspiring and uplifting. I read this during my daily PT torture session, and it helped keep my mind occupied with thoughts of acceptance and gratitude. Welcome back Perky Polly :~)

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