I’m only one choice away!

“You’re always one only choice away from changing your life.”  …  Marc Anderson

The other day I didn’t like how I felt.  The other day, I was tired all day, feeling lazy and droopy and not happy about what I got accomplished: which by the way was a big fat zero!  It took until mid-afternoon before I gave myself a break, a metaphoric hug and the reminder that: “Heck girl, you’ve just had two major 4 hour surgeries in the last 4 months.  Of course you’re tired!”  Oh … right …it really is alright to feel this way after all.  And … what do you know?  As soon as I let myself feel O.K. about myself … I felt O.K.!  There was my first life-changing choice for the day.

Subsequently, I listened to and watched a wonderful Abraham-Hicks YouTube video; called “You are Source”,  that reminded me that even though I don’t remember – I am a part of Source energy – of Life itself.  And that, further, whilst I’m “down here”, playing in time-space on good-old Mother Earth – the rest of me is busy playing “out there” in the same place where Source lives and loves.  Well … I do believe that watching said video and getting the point were my second and third life-changing choices for the day.  If I only need to make one choice to change my life … then I’ve got to tell you that making the last two choices turned my whole day around!

I understand that Marc Anderson didn’t mean that I should only make one choice per day. Every moment of every day we have innumerable opportunities to make our lives be different – even if it’s only our inside perspective.  From what kind of breakfast we’re going to eat – or not eat, to what route we’re going take to get us to work and/or the kids to school, then on to how we’re going to tackle the day’s To-Do list each step is determined by none other than us: and those are only the outside things!  Inside of us – where all the really important decisions get made – we have the potential to create and unfold a really great or an abysmally horrible day … all depending on which thoughts we choose to hug close and which ones we decide to discard.

These days there is not a lot of physical activity that I can indulge in, however, that just means that I have an endless amount of time during which I can choose my thoughts, set my goals, wishes and desires and then set up my internal landscape so that it reflects the future that I intend to create.  Each day, and each moment in it, I can choose to be positive or I can choose to be discouraged.  Each of those choices is going to yield for me a day that reflects my decision.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough down days to last a lifetime.  I think that I’m going to keep on making choices that help me to experience the “up” side of life.  Life … care to dance?

Godspeed and Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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