Thank God for mirrors.

“With heart the impossible is possible.”  …  Catherine Calarco

To the positive person anything is possible, to the unhappy, discouraged person nothing is.  It’s the old is your glass half full or half empty quandary.  It has always amazed me how two people of diametrically opposed beliefs can approach the same situation and have completely different outcomes.  I have watched, time and time again, as people – myself included – have proven and re-proven that we get what we expect.

In many ways I find this to be greatly reassuring.  If the Universe is continually fulfilling my expectations then it would seem that I have only to change said thoughts for new outcomes to arrive.  Granted, it is a little harder to do this when the thoughts that are being fulfilled are not at the conscious level; however, I have a way to deal with that little bump in the road.  If in order to change something I need to recognize that there is a problem: then the good news is that everything around me reflects back to me an accurate mirroring of what I have been thinking and believing.

If it’s true that my circumstances are a mirror for: on the positive side my hopes, dreams and wishes or: on the challenging side my fears, worries and resentments then it behooves me to take a good hard look at where I have been focused.  I believe that I live within an interactive Universe; so looking at my surroundings never leaves me in any doubt as to what I have been “putting out there” – whether I like it or not.  More good news!  There really isn’t any “chance” in life, nor happenstance nor flukes.  Rather, I believe, life is a flow of reaching out: on both our own human side and on the part of Life.  We reach outwards, hoping, praying and intending that our lives and the lives of those whom we love will be filled with joy and love.  Life reaches back to us with the same answering desire.

Life really is even more interactive than I had imagined!  All I have to do is change the way that I think and feel about things to see the results appear around me.  In everything from ordinary conversations (where, for a change, I count to 50 before speaking) to getting really clear about and focusing on a personal or professional goal – my visible life is a really good indicator of where I need to change – provided that I make the choice to understand the results and modify my behaviours accordingly.  I don’t know about you but I am extremely grateful that Life has provided me with such a great feedback system.  The phrase, “traveling hand-in-hand with Life” takes on a deeper meaning when I see how visible my thoughts, wishes and desires are and how quickly Life is willing to indulge me.  I ask.  Life provides.  I learn and ask again.  And Life ALWAYS provides. … Now if you’ll excuse me … it’s time for a little time-out whilst Life and I contemplate what “impossible” wonders we will pursue next.

Godspeed and Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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2 Responses to Thank God for mirrors.

  1. Susan Thompson says:

    Yes Susanne!!, “we get what we expect”….I’m learning that, finally!!! A song from Melissa Etheridge’s “Fearless Love” Album titled “Only Love” has a verse in it that says:
    “And when I took a good look around I see
    My thoughts are coming back to me
    So look around
    We are in charge of our own dreams
    We have more power than it seems
    So look around
    Come on now show me who you’re lovin’
    Then show me just who you hate
    Then I can show you all your angels yeah
    That guard your heaven’s gate.”

    That song hit me big, this past year and I’m trying to think more positively and have my thoughts, attitude and beliefs reflect back to me in a more positive mirror image. I surely don’t want people that I’ve been less than friendly to, guarding my heaven’s gate.
    Definitely we get what we expect and we are in charge of our own dreams. I want mine to be wonderful and happy.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and inspiration to me.

    • Susanne says:

      Wow thanks for sharing that great song Susie! I too have found that my best shot at having a happy & positive life lies inside of me. Often life has not yielded the greatest outside circumstances and in those times I did my best to remember that whilst I may not have been able to change the world around me I ALWAYS have the power to choose my own thoughts and feelings. … “And when I took a good look around I see, My thoughts are coming back to me.” Congratulations on your ongoing efforts to create the world of your dreams by allowing the most positive YOU to come out and play! Wishing you continuing success … Susanne

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