It’s time to resurrect our dreams.

“There is a dream you once had that you’ve forgotten.  Dream it again.”    …    Ralph Marston 

I’m waking up again.  The body stays awake and aware for longer periods and is able to do more without falling over now.  The insides of me feel hopeful.  And the Spirit of me is flowing back into the body instilling dreams, making plans and looking ever forward.  The brain knows that more surgery is coming … but these days it’s taking notes so that we can remember the stages of progress … staying focused … and getting prepared.  Because when it’s all done … this time … I’m going to be moving ahead … places to go, people to see, things to do and dreams to fulfill.

When I was a little girl my head was filled with ideas and dreams of “perfect” relationships: happy moms and dads, joyful kids and understanding between everyone … yes … really! When I was a little girl I had a dream.  As I got older I added some details … like a “Soul Mate” whose presence signified love unending and a flowing, understanding, personal relationship and a world where people weren’t mean or hateful – just because: but instead were caring, interactive with and compassionate towards each other.

As I got older, bit by bit, I gave up parts of my wonderful dream … until eventually I forgot about it and become immersed in the details of the unbelieving and often scary world around me.  Now here I stand, older yet again: both in years and in experience.  Life and I have ambled, dashed, stomped and/or danced through the intervening years … and finally … finally … I stand ready to dream again.  Life has taught me that without dreams I only exist; and without dreams there is no drive to move forward, to hope or to dance.

These days my goal is to live the dream.  These days I am in resurrection mode.  Because now it is not enough to simply remember my innocent, childhood dreams of a caring and inter-connected world: now I choose to live, breathe and do my best to make them real … at least in my little corner of the world.  My dreams are back – alive and even more vibrant than they ever were – and bit by bit I am changing my own life to reflect them.  I’m doing my best to live my life as fully engaged with Life; whom it is said has dreams of Its own, as possible.  I imagine us lying together in Celestial fields of flowers planning our next exciting adventure and manifestation.  Which leads me to smile broadly and ask Life the question:  “What wonderful dream shall we endeavour to make real today …?”

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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