Opening doors for change

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”  …   Flora Whittemore 

Today is a beautiful day and I feel really blessed.  Here I sit on my back deck, admiring the flowers, ignoring the glorious crop of weeds (about which I can temporarily do nothing!), sipping my morning coffee and engaging in a couple of my favourite activities … namely writing and contemplating.  I fully recognize, and am truly grateful for this “sabbatical” from the work world which the Universe has provided for me: even if it has been through the venue of a few medical crises!

It’s been a long road and often a very painful one; however, I don’t have any regrets.  I have learned a lot – about myself, about life and about other people and, as Martha Stewart would say: “That’s a good thing.”  I suppose that it would have been an easier road if I hadn’t fallen on the ice and broken my hip … but then again … I wouldn’t have discovered the Cancer that was hiding inside until it was pretty much too late to do anything about it.  So … I think that it behooves me to view the bumps in the road of my personal journey, these last three years, as simply preemptive road re-construction – saving me the trouble of MAJOR road work later.  It’s all in how you look at it!

My journey has taught me that I can choose to be discouraged, frightened and down about this trip through life OR I can keep my eyes peeled for a bright spark of light and hope.  I’m happy to report that the statement: “I’ll see it when I believe it” definitely seems to be true.  I have observed, time and time again, as the Universe demonstrates how great It is at fulfilling my own; and everyone else’s, expectations.  Perhaps another way of saying that is that whatever goals I set, whatever intentions I cast in stone, whatever holds my focus the strongest is what tends to manifest in my life.  And so … that being the case … I have decided… why not keep an eagle eye open for the positive things.  So far it seems to be working out … really well in fact!

Every day and every moment I can choose to look at the circumstances in my life in two ways … one that is life affirming and moves me forward OR one that is lost in old thoughts, patterns and viewpoints.  It really is my choice which way I go and which “door” I open.  I’m not saying that it is always a piece of cake to be upbeat.  There are definitely days when Perky Polly has locked herself in her room and Sunshine Sue is having a tantrum on the kitchen floor.  On those days I do my best to wheedle and coax Ms. Perky to come out and play and I leave Grumpy Sue a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for when she is ready to return to her normal, happier self .  And I have found that – eventually – they both pick themselves up, dust themselves off and agree that the best place to be is outside in the sunshine – with me, smiling at strangers and friends alike and dancing with Life.  Onward & Upward!

Godspeed and Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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