I’m on a voyage of discovery

“It’s time to stop waiting and looking outside of ourselves for the answers.  Now is the time to look inside of us and realize that: it is from here that our future begins.”    …   Susanne

I’m on a voyage of discovery these days.  I’ve left the shore far behind me and there are no longer any familiar landmarks to ease my passage and reassure me that I am heading in the right direction.  My internal compass is spinning madly and my gyroscope is on tilt and every day I can only watch in wonder at the awesome and unexpected occurrences that come along to brighten my life, fill my sails and send me flying off in yet another new direction.

When I read through the journals that I wrote a mere 2 years ago I marvel at how sure I was about my direction in life … how positive I was that I had it all figured out … and how … with a few simple breaths … Life came along: and huffed and puffed and blew my house of imaginary security down.   So much for tempting fate with the assertion that … “Well now I understand”.  Funny thing is … that doesn’t really bother me anymore … now that all that imaginary stuff has blown away  I find myself feeling … strangely … more secure than at any other time in my life!

I think that we discover our own hidden and previously unknown strengths when everything around us has – as my mother would have said – “gone to hell in a hand basket.”  My own personal Hand Basket journey has taught me so-o-o much!  One of the most valuable lessons turned out to be that if my mode of transportation is going to be said basket … then it behooves me to hunker down and spend some quality, introspective time with myself … learning the Truth about where true security comes from.

I am definitely on a voyage of discovery these days.  I’m in awe of where Life is taking me.  I love the new internal vistas that I’m finding and the amazing and awesome people who are showing up in the world around me to share the trip.  These days my travel time is predominantly … and enjoyably … spent on my back deck … pondering life … contemplating the new and interesting places that I perceive Life and I will be exploring in the future … and being grateful that I have been given this time and space to learn how to make the dreams that are re-awakening on the inside of me spring into being all around the outside of me.  The future is beginning now and unfolding from the inside – out … and that, for me, is the only way to fly!

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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