Looking at life with new eyes

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.”   …   Jonathan Swift 

I think that it is very easy for us to look out at our familiar surroundings and only see the same thing that we saw yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.  It takes a whole lot more effort, energy and imagination to look at the same old world and to see it in a brand new way.  It has been my observation that; for the majority of people; it usually takes some big, earth-shaking event to jar us out of our complacency and to really make us give our heads a shake.  With all of the “instant news” that’s available these days I must confess that I am confused as to why everyone isn’t taking the leap into discovering the beauty of each other.

In my case medical upheaval started me down a path that was unfamiliar and often scary but was, always illuminating.  I think that I can honestly say that … at this point … there is not one speck of same-old-same-old thinking left in my world.  For me it wasn’t … and isn’t … simply about “getting through” or “surviving” the challenges … it has always been about Understanding and thriving.  So, for me, this recent journey has been an intensified foray into, not only my own inner landscape, but also into learning to be a better observer and lover of life … and hopefully from there … to a more understanding and consequently “real” and compassionate person.

In the long run I have found that it’s really just all a matter of perspective.  The little plot of land that is my back yard: of which I used to make fun; I now view as my beautiful sanctuary.  Birds come and feed there, flowers bloom for my enjoyment and herbs and tomatoes grace my creative endeavours in the kitchen.  I never used to allow myself to have “quiet time”.  I felt that if I wasn’t busy-busy-busy that I was wasting time.  Now I treasure my days as I fill them with joyful pursuits, occasionally sprinkled with moments of “shoulds”.

Nothing has changed on the outside … not really … the yard is still small … I just appreciate its beauty and bounty more.  The days are still 24 hours long … and I still find lots of things to do … it’s just that fewer of them are obligations/shoulds now … and these days I allow inner happiness and a flowing with Life to be my key drivers.  Discovery of a great life … it turns out … always lay no further away than my ability to see what I had always seen and to think what I had never thought.   Who knew that the answer could be so simple!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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