I’m so glad that I stopped trying to steer the river!

“Don’t try to steer the river.”   …   Deepak Chopra, M.D 

I used to go through life with a death grip on the steering wheel of my days.  You know what I mean … trying to control the outcome of every single thing that was going on in a vain attempt to make them ALL turn out perfectly!??!  Wow that was exhausting … never mind fruitless.  I’m not sure what happened to make me change that annoying and functionally useless habit.  Perhaps I finally experienced enough to take a step back … or maybe circumstances just kind of beat that level of control out of me … or … my personal favourite … maybe Life just came along, in a quiet moment, and clued me in.  Whatever the case, I’m really happy that the only voyage that I am  trying to control now is my own.

I watch people; I always have and what I often see as I watch are frightened eyes and faces trying hard to be brave and to “put on a good front”.  I recognize those eyes and I know only too well the feelings that drive those faces through the world.  I used to be just like them … now … I’m beginning to trust that Life … the BIG, Capital “L” Life … has at least half an eye peeled in my direction.  Enough synchronicities have bounced, raced and exploded into my world over the last three years that I am finally getting it that a) there is a flow to life, b) sometimes I can drop my oars into the water and guide my little boat and c) attempts at controlling anything more than my boat will usually result in shouting matches between sailors with no productive change in course or outcome on either side.

I’m a lot happier these days.  Despite the frequent upheavals and the promptings of the Universe for me to walk paths that I don’t recognize and that don’t seem to have very many signposts on them; I’m generally content.  Flow is rapidly becoming my middle name and I think that … perhaps … that has a lot to do with my state of mind … of course it is also true that my state of mind has a lot to do with my ability and eagerness to flow!  Ah-h-h-h well … Life and I are about to embark on the next leg of our exciting journey.  We’ve got our plans made, my requests have been submitted and although Life is keeping the actual destination a secret I’ve been told that I’m going to be very happy when we arrive.  This time I’m going to allow Life to steer the river upon which we will float and I am going to sit back with my pink drink with the bright umbrella,  relax and wave at everybody as we sail by … Hey Life, are those bright sunny days up ahead? … Let’s go that way! … I’m so glad Life and I are friends!

Godspeed and Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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