Wow, challenges really ARE opportunities in disguise.

“Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”  …   Napoleon Hill 

My ex-husband used to say that the non-stop, positive sentiments of my inner Perky Polly & I were giving him cavities.  Right along with numerous others … he hated it when I said that every challenge was simply an opportunity waiting to be uncovered and recognized.  The funny thing is … the other night he said exactly the same thing to me.  Isn’t it interesting how …  if we just wait long enough … we’ll see that “what goes around comes around” … how the same things that we have said … or done … eventually come home to roost so that … somewhere in our long … or short … journey we get the point.

It so happens that I agree wholeheartedly with Napoleon Hill … and I have only to look back three years to the beginnings of this “Journey into the Unknown” to see my “seed” shining brightly and making long-term plans for my own amazing … albeit unforeseen by me … growth.  You see if I had not fallen & broken my hip then there would have been no reason for anyone to look for the extremely rare form of bone marrow cancer that they found.  There I was … pre-stage … right where it could be nipped in the bud!  Was the trip to better health challenging?  You bet it was!  But the lessons learned and the deepening of my connections to Life and to those around me in THIS life was definitely worth it.  In this case the benefit outweighed the adversity … for sure!

After three major, 4 hour operations on my hip … in the last 7 months … it looks like the MRSA (one of those truly nasty new “resistant” bacteria) is finally gone.   Another adversity has been turned into an “equivalent or greater benefit”.  “What do I mean?” you ask.  I have finally accepted myself as a writer, a motivational speaker, a life coach and an artist.  My books are 80% complete and will hopefully be ready to be published this winter; I finally have the “worldly” training to uplift people through the kinds of challenges which I understand so well … and finally … speaking to groups is coming up as soon as I can walk again.  Looks like “Polly” and I were right all along … challenges really are just opportunities in disguise!  Thank goodness that Life and I have finally reached the point; laughing and smiling, where I can embrace all of those beautiful possibilities and opportunities and make them my own.  Thanks Life!

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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2 Responses to Wow, challenges really ARE opportunities in disguise.

  1. I always enjoy reading your inspiring words! So glad to hear you’ve kicked MRSA and are doing well. And I bet your books will be filled with all the goodness and radiant positivity that I love about you. Today is a beautiful day! :~D

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words Sue! Today is indeed a beautiful day and I am intending that many more will follow … wishing you a wonderful long, holiday weekend … Susanne

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