If life is about co-creating then I choose to be a participant!

“The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail.”   …   Ramakrishna

I’ve noticed that with all of the “positive talk” going on these days that many people have come to the erroneous conclusion that all they have to do is “think” positive and the world will open up like an oyster before them.  And whilst I am a HUGE advocate of letting my inner Positive Patty lead the way I also understand that simply thinking about having a great life, simply wishing for only positive outcomes and even intending a bright and shiny new future, isn’t enough. 

You have to be a contributor!  My mother would have phrased that as “God helps those who help themselves.” … Thanks Mom!  I have learned that I can think, dream and wish all I want but if I’m not willing to get off of my behind and participate in the creation process then wishes, dreams and thoughts are probably all I’m going to have.  I believe that the creation of a wonderful life is actually a co-creative process utilizing the vast, caring and awesome capabilities of the Universe and the walking-around-the-world, “street smarts” (so to speak) of myself.

It seems to me that the creation of a hope-filled and positive future is a shared venture.  If I’m not willing to do the down-and-dirty work of clearing the junk out of my inner landscape then Life can’t bring in the Celestial heavy machinery needed to drive new roads into the future.  If I’m hoping to manifest unlimited abundance by sitting on my back deck with my feet up, eyes closed, fingers snapping and an expectation of being served the latest and greatest; without having to lift a finger, then I think that it’s certainly fair for Life to give me a nudge and remind me that we are a team and that teams work best when they work together! 

Perky Polly, Sunshine Sue and I are having a blast running around my shiny, just-like-new, cleaned up inner landscape.  It’s brighter and more cheerful in my outer life as well these days, and I attribute this to being a direct result of all the cleaning up that has recently gone on, on the inside of me.  As there isn’t as much internal junk in the way as there used to be the loving suggestions and gentle course corrections that come from Life are having an easier time of getting through and being heard.  Ramakrishna has the right of it … “The winds of Grace (Life) are always blowing, but (we) have to raise (our) sails”! Life is good and each moment of each day it is getting better and better.  I put this down to understanding that my job is to get clear, listen faithfully and move in the world based on that faith-filled and friendly dialogue with Life: and Life’s “job” is to continue to be the wind in my sails and the love that drives my life.  So far … so good!

Arinaste! (from my heart to your heart)


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2 Responses to If life is about co-creating then I choose to be a participant!

  1. very nice and truly inspiring! just what i need right now!

    • Susanne says:

      Hi Jonel. Thanks for the encouragement … I had a lot of fun writing this one … or perhaps I should say “co-creating” this one! 😀 Happy Co-Creating with Life in YOUR life! Susanne

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