I’ve decided to stop being afraid.

“You block your dreams when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”   …   Mary Manin Morrissey

As you know I’m a really positive person … and … I like to think somewhat insightful.  But I don’t need to be either of those to know that if I am walking around the world afraid all of the time then I am going to find myself in a lot of unhappy and challenging situations.  It’s not only because my inner, fear-ridden, war-torn landscape is reproducing itself all around the outside of me; but also because my perspective of everything will be skewed.

Right up until I hit my early forties I used to be a fear-filled little mouse.  I remember my inner child leaping out of my mouth one day during a holistic healing session and offering her opinion of the world … namely … “its verwy, verwy scarwy!”  I look back at me and realize how defensive I was and I feel sad for that woman; for having learned to expect life to bring painful experiences to her door.  Somewhere along the line I had taken to heart the lesson that “the best defence is a good offense”.  Unfortunately the only result of that particular lesson is that I learned to be offensive rather than safe.  H-m-m-m that wasn’t the result that I was looking for!

You know what started to turn me around?  I bravely hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out – 7 hours to get all the way down and 9 hours to get back up … carrying a 35 pound backpack … having never hiked ANYWHERE before … really!!  When I got to the top I decided that if I could do THAT then I could do anything! Bit by bit I stopped letting fear be the determining factor in whether or not I did something, spoke to someone or tackled something new. Bit by bit I let my faith grow bigger than my fears.  And bit by bit I watched as my life began to turn around.

It’s been a long journey from there to here and there have been many twists and turns, detours and unexpected side trips.  However, I think that I can finally say with confidence that I am finally comfortable in my own skin and totally convinced that Life is my best friend: who never abandons me. Fears still arise … after all I do live in the world and my inner child wasn’t totally mistaken!  It’s just that now-a-days I have learned how to look fear in the face and see it for what it is – an old defence mechanism that thinks that the past is still hanging around – waiting to jump up and bite us in the behind.  Faith in the caring nature of Life and Its earnest desire for my well-being and happiness allows me to give fear a hug and send it off to the Universal Recycling Depot.  I am thrilled to find myself in the wondrous and awesome position wherein Faith and Life are my foundations and fear is simply a by-product of old wounds.  Life is good.  I feel blessed … and I think that it’s time for a faith-filled, get-down-and-get-joyful, wow-isn’t-Life-GREAT party.  Time to get your dancing shoes on Life …

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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2 Responses to I’ve decided to stop being afraid.

  1. gethappy says:

    Great blog post and inspirational.

    • Susanne says:

      Good Morning Aliker! Thank you for your input! I liked your blog as well. I completely agree with your opinion on “choice” and “living a simple life”. I think that we get too lost in what everyone else will think about us, our actions and our thoughts and forget that the most important person’s opinion is living right inside of our own skin. If we’re not making choices to be free of fear and to be happy then who is going to do that for us!??! Wishing you a wonderful week. Susanne

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