This little-old-cliff-jumper is learning to fly

“You’ve got to be willing to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down!”   …   Ray Bradbury 

Pretty much everybody has a plan.  Everyone sure wants a plan.  And everyone definitely wants a plan that works!  The funny thing is … and simultaneously the scariest thing is … that the best plans are often the ones that have a huge, built-in flow factor … because try as we might: down here on Planet Earth, we really can’t control how everything is going to turn out.

I always felt for poor old Wily Coyote when he’d find himself; inadvertently, plummeting towards the bottom of some enormous chasm, with his little umbrella over his head and a sign that read: “Mother”.  Like many of us; the poor old sot always had convoluted plans, mechanical gizmos up the wazoo and an unshakeable conviction that this time he’d win the big prize.  I think that perhaps he won my heart and sympathies because a) he never did win, b) he never got it that a little more flexibility might be helpful and c) he never figured out how to build those wings that Ray Bradbury is talking about.

I have figured out that I have to be willing to jump … even if looks like there isn’t any ground below me … even if I think that there’s no safety net there … and even if I’m afraid … in fact, most especially when I’m afraid.  It’s been during my scariest moments; when I have closed my eyes, said a prayer and leapt out into the unknown, that I have made the awesome discovery that Life has been there all along … waiting for me with open arms.  Sometimes I have found myself on some pretty strange shores … but I have never found myself cut adrift without support or crashing into irredeemable circumstances.  Wings, I have discovered, are built with feathers of faith and trust … because sometimes that’s all we have … but what’s wonderful is that for Life, that’s always enough.  I’m off to fly now.  I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I have faith that it will be somewhere wonderful … somewhere that fits with my flexible plans and Life’s supportive nature.  One, two, three … Geronimo-o-o-o …

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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4 Responses to This little-old-cliff-jumper is learning to fly

  1. Wow! That is an exciting slant.

    • Susanne says:

      Hi there! Thanks a lot … I write about what I feel and “know” and as my life is definitely NOT boring ( 😀 ) I think that I would have to say that whilst there are many ordinary moments they are balanced by the “exciting” and awesome ones! Off to fly again … have a GREAT one …

  2. have a safe and happy flight!

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks Jonel … I’m keeping my intentions, hope, faith and trust high … and my growing wings are a-flappin’ … :0 … Wishing you and your family a great weekend. Susanne

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