The Weaver weaves and my tapestry unfolds

“Life is a tapestry:  We are the warp; angels, the weft; God, the weaver.  Only the Weaver sees the whole design.”   …   Eileen Elias Freeman

 It seems to me that life is pretty amazing.  Despite the sometimes challenging personal circumstances that have leapt up and shanghaied my journey … until I wrestled them to the ground and lovingly gave them the boot … I never cease to be awe-struck by the seemingly unending manifestations of beauty, grace and flow that the planet and the cosmos reflect back to me.  I mean … seriously … have you looked up into the night sky recently?  That is a pretty impressive display of creation!  It certainly puts my little life into perspective … a completely humbling experience all ‘round.

I know that I am a not the whole tapestry … not even close! … but I am content with simply being one little thread; because as any weaver knows every single thread in their weaving is crucially important … after all who would want to buy an expensive hand-woven rug if right across the middle of it there was a thread missing!??!  It’s true that I don’t always know exactly what my thread is supposed to be doing, what part it plays in the bigger picture – of which I am only minutely aware – or even when or how the Weaver will move me … but I have learned one thing on this trip through life … and that is … that hindsight is 20-20!  I’m just really thrilled that Life has a much bigger forward vision than I do or my part of the tapestry might have ended being a big-tangled-mess.

For all of the times when I fought to assert my will and force the river to flow upstream I am now happy that Life knew the best way to flow that river around my little obstruction, lift me gently up onto a nice, pink floating chair and remind me … as we bobbed along … of why it is far more fun to flow with the stream of Life instead of against it. I am where I am because somewhere “out there” a Master Weaver saw possibilities for me that never even entered my mind and decided to gift me with a life that is better than my best dreams.  Things still don’t always go the way that I plan … but at least these days I’m wise enough to plunk myself down on a bench beside the proverbial roadside, and have a wee chat with Life before moving on.  The days of the hissy-fits are over and Life and I are once again best buddies … I see green lights up ahead … apparently it’s time to move on down the highway … and now I know that Life is weaving a delicious future for me … Let’s go Polly … time to dance again!

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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2 Responses to The Weaver weaves and my tapestry unfolds

  1. Interesting post. Thank you!

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks! I liked your site … very comprehensive … BTW … is anybody there interested in “Ghost-Writing”? I have a friend who would like to co-write a science fiction/fantasy book … great ideas … would just like a little co-creative input … Wishing you a great one!

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