I found out how to make my Bat-Phone work!

“Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth – that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.”   …   Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 

Like everyone I’ve had my fair share of days filled with unanswered wishes and dreams and of wondering why my life wasn’t working.  Thankfully somewhere between there and here I came to discover what Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe knew … way back in the late 1700’s … that being; that whilst dreams are wonderful and allow Life to know my heart: only by my true and earnest commitment to those dreams do I give said Creator permission to jump onboard and help me to get, and keep, the ball rolling.

My mom was a huge believer in being “positive” and yet the big happiness that she was seeking always seemed to elude her.  I believe that the answer to the elusive nature of her dreams lies, as it does for most of us, in two parts: 1) She didn’t understand that before happiness could leap into her life she had to empty her “cup” of the multiple, inside, unhappy memories, wounds and fears to make room for the good stuff and 2) simply “being positive” was not enough … no one had taught her to “listen” to her own, inner guidance and then flow in that new direction. … Now that I think of it; mom really never was much of a flow-er … she was more like a driver with a death grip on the wheel.

Somewhere between the “death-grip” kind of control that mom had learned to exhibit and ohm-m-m-ing my way through life is; I believe, a middle ground wherein I can pause and listen for the voice of Life to guide my steps towards my heart’s desires.  There have definitely been times in the past when it’s been hard to hear that guidance. Thankfully, however, the last few years have taught me that if I stop running away from myself, for even a moment, that Life has been there all along, waiting to gift me with the support that I need, the guidance that I long for and the love that enlivens me.

These days, as I share my heart’s dreams and desires with Life and do my best to take steps – here in the world – to make them come true, I am awed to see how Life infuses my journey with marvellous synchronicities and fabulous suggestions and options.  I feel like I have my own personal “Bat-phone” (described in Wikipedia as: “a phone that gets answered outside of working hours, doesn’t put the caller on hold and rings straight through to high-level management”) and I remain thankful that nothing that I request seems to be outside of Life’s “working hours”.  It feels like it’s time to go and commit to some more fantastic dreams … dial up Life on the Bat-phone … and be ready to jump … hand-in-hand … into the marvellous pool of possibilities … 1-2-3 … Geronimo!!!

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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4 Responses to I found out how to make my Bat-Phone work!

  1. Love it! (Batman was one of my favourite shows as a kid, along with “Bewitched”. and of course, “I dream of Jeannie”. So much fun! 😉 Thanks for the “message”… have LOTS more fun and dream BIG! We’ve all been so brainwashed into believing, and therefore expecting, that this experience is VERY serious. I’m hearing Spirit telling me, “Time to let that go and embrace FUN!” Yee Haw! That sounds like WAY MORE FUN! 😉

    • Susanne says:

      Hey Karen! Thanks for the wonderful feedback. I had a lot of fun writing this one and was absolutely blown away when … after I wrote my comment about having my own personal Bat-phone … I looked up the term in Wikipedia and read the definition … how cool is that!??! Here’s to always being in direct connectiion to “high-level management” who always picks up the phone outside of “working hours” … Arinaste ❤ Susanne

  2. you’re definitely right! a positive attitude isn’t enough. thanks for another inspiring post!

    • Susanne says:

      Hi Jonel! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the support! I really appreciate all of the feedback from the wonderful people who are reading my blog. Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend! Arinaste ❤ Susanne

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