The Power of One … A video and a thought to remember

I am only one person.  I can only change myself.  I hope that by changing myself I might begin to change my little corner of the world … and then … perhaps …the change will move on … and   … perhaps … other little corners will also begin to change.  On and on it will go … until who knows where the change will stop … if anywhere.

I am only one person.  I have only voice.  I set my voice free … and watch in awe and wonder as it flies away and touches people and places that I never imagined that it would.  My voice sings as it travels … and it speaks … of hope … of choice … of faith … and of being … all-that-we-can-be.

My one voice and my one being hope that you enjoy this week’s inspirational video: “The Power of One … Just click the screen below to start the show …

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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