I like being a rainbow!

“Any one of us can be a rainbow in somebody’s clouds.”   …   Maya Angelou 

My inner Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue both love today’s quote.  They live their lives … and by extension drive me to live mine … doing their best to bring a little ray of sunshine into every situation that they encounter.  For us life is an awesome adventure and not a day goes by during which some kind of wonderful synchronicity doesn’t occur.

Now I have always loved the synchronicities of life: to me they were; and still are, proof that Life is paying attention.  Sure, I know that a Being big enough to have created all of this magnificence must have way more to do than simply listen to my ramblings, wants and desires … but it certainly does seem to me that I am living, breathing and walking through a highly interactive universe.

Let me give you a little example … I have been tromping through medical crisis after medical crisis for 3 years.  I’m finally almost all better … Hooray … but I’d like you consider how little attention I could pay to my business during that challenging time.  But you know what? Despite the dearth of attention and advertising from me people are still calling for the help which we have always provided.  I call that the “Life Referral System”.  I am extremely grateful  that Life was “out there” and paying enough attention to keeping my little ball rolling during the times when I couldn’t!

So … I do my best to pass on the upbeat feelings that are engendered by the support which I receive from The Universe; whenever and wherever I can.  Perky Polly and I are all about sharing with others, the wondrous opportunities that are present when one realizes that they have unlimited choices in this world.  Sunshine Sue and I have been described as positively saccharine but we don’t mind that because we understand that in order to be a “rainbow in somebody’s clouds” we need to be firmly in touch with the silver lining inside of said clouds.

Perhaps you will be reassured to know that I also have rainy days.  I do my best not to let them get me down … rather I am greatly encouraged by the fact that Life seems to have provided for my enjoyment an assortment of pretty, metaphoric umbrellas; bright, shiny galoshes and not-too-deep-and-not-too-mucky puddles into which I may jump.  I think I see some rain clouds on the horizon … time to open up one of my new umbrellas, gear up and get ready to play in the water and make some rainbows …

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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