Welcoming in the life that is waiting for me.

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”   …   Joseph Campbell 

I cannot begin to tell you how many times over my lifetime that I have uttered the fateful words: “Well now I understand!”  Wow, that is just the death-knell for a quiet and peaceful day.  It‘s right up there with “What could possibly go wrong?” in the ranks of stupid things to say.  I might as well just invite the Universe to come along and show me just how much I don’t understand.

Needless to say I do my best these days to utter a qualified understanding of … my path … my future … my supposed understanding of the workings of Life … because I have learned that Life loves to surprise me with Its infinite variety of goodies.  A friend asked me yesterday: “Is there really any point in making goals and setting intentions?  Isn’t Life just going to come along and do what It wants anyway?”  And my answer is both yes and no.

I make goals because my Soul drives me to be more than I ever imagined that I could be.  I set intentions in place because I figure that … like any good, wise and caring “parental” figure … Life would actually like to know what I’m hoping to see showing up at my doorstep. The steps that I need to take to get from where I am now to the completion of those mystical and wonderful goals is wide open for interpretation.  That’s the domain of Life and that’s where the surprises, the twists and turns and the awesome synchronicities of life make their presence known.

Like Joseph Campbell I have learned that I “must be willing to get rid of” my preconceived notions of the life that I had planned.  And I am thrilled to welcome in “the life that is waiting for (me).”  I love it that I can set out my heart’s wishes and that an unseen force takes care of the “hows”: that then frees me up to dream big knowing that the Creative force of Life is backing me up 100%.  So … as long as I remember that what I’ve asked for doesn’t always look exactly like I thought it was going to – when it finally shows up … and that Life usually delivers things that are better than my best dreams … then I have no problem with turning over the “hows” of life to a way better organizer than I.  I’m off to see what marvellous new and inventive ways Life has come up with today to spice up my trip through the world.  Adios amigos … I’m looking forward to seeing you in my bright and shiny tomorrow!

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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