There are no accidents.

“There are no accidents: there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.” … Deepak Chopra

Here I am in the middle of my 50’s … starting life over again … and feeling pretty darn good about things.  Sure, I have my shaky moments … my times when making my way through the world is a pretty scary endeavour … but in general I would have to say that I’m doing better than fine.  Some people, upon hearing of the challenges that I’ve been through proclaim: “Oh you poor thing … that’s terrible!!” … to which I feel compelled to respond: “No, actually it’s all been a huge blessing … from start to finish … really!”

Hindsight is so completely 20-20 that I sometimes wonder how we all stumble around and keep moving forward.  Seemingly random events happen on a daily basis and if you’re not paying attention, watching for synchronicities or keeping an eye peeled for some “Divine Inspiration” you could easily be forgiven for wandering down … not necessarily the “wrong” path … but definitely ones that end up either drop kicking you into “the rough part of life” … or meandering along the scenic route to your future.

Having trod both types of paths I have finally come to understand that Deepak Chopra is correct … there were no accidents … no “wrong” paths … there were only roads that took me to places that I didn’t recognize … many of which I will probably not choose to visit again.  I found the lack of road signs indicating the imminent arrival of a joyful destination and the numerous drenching downpours to be disturbing;  fortunately I always remembered to travel with at least one pair of rosy coloured glasses.

On our good days Perky Polly and I danced around the house and when we couldn’t physically dance anymore we simply rumbaed around the inside of us.  Time passed … as it does here … and I’m happy to report that … these days … I’m almost dancing in the world again!  Some of the steps may seem more like a shuffle to anyone who didn’t know me better but I’m not concerned … when Life and I take to the dance floor I can feel It’s purpose-filled steps sweeping me away and into a new and really exciting adventure.  There are no accidents on the dance floor of Life … there is only a wondrous purpose of which we are often unawares … and all we have to do is be open to learning the steps of the new dance. … one, two three, … one two, three … and so it goes …

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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