Looking out through new eyes

“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” … Khalil Gibran

 I’m returning to great health … hooray!  I had a realization yesterday.  I realized that … after being ill for so long that being sick had become a way of being.  Way down inside of me … beneath the light of day … hiding out in the shadows where nothing but pain and sadness lived and breathed an expectation had been born, nurtured and grown.  It was an expectation that I would always live my life as a patient.

This morning I feel … for the first time in 3 years …NOT like a patient who is “doing well” … NOT like a “recovering” sick-aholic … but the kernel of the vibrant and awesome soul whom I had forgotten.  Today I am truly reborn into the world … waking with “a winged heart and giving thanks for another day of loving”.  Today I am finally free.

I understand … and have for a long, long time … that in every moment I have choices.  I know that … no matter what is going on in my life … whether it seems good or bad … HOW I feel about it is up to me and what I choose to do about it is also up to me.  And so … I give thanks … not just for another day of loving … but for all of the choices that I have made over the last three years: that drove me forward, brought me joy and returned me to this place of new beginnings and life.

Every morning I wake up and greet … not only the dawn … but Life as well … grateful that I have such an awesome companion to walk with me through this often challenging landscape.  And this morning is no different … except that today I add my thanks for waking up internally  as well … in my heart and in my mind … and for the chance to look out through these same old eyes but with a brand new awareness and appreciation.

Today, I think that I’ll take Polly out for an ice cream cone in thanks for all of her positive input and effort.  I’m inviting Life to come along … even though it usually declines our offer of said dessert … as I think that It deserves to share in the positive times as well as the times of griping and complaining. … Here’s to you Life for your wonderful friendship!  Here’s to you Polly for your never-ending and unflagging support and here’s to me … the real me … for rising to consciousness and being willing to take another kick at the can.

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)



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2 Responses to Looking out through new eyes

  1. Richard Geer says:

    You tell ’em, mama!

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