Taking responsibility for my own happiness

“The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from domination of outside conditions.”  …  Robert Louis Stevenson 

In the common vernacular: “S— happens.”  Sometimes it happens more often than at other times and sometimes it seems to pile up higher and deeper than we ever imagined was possible!  I have observed that the amount, quantity and depth of said offending material is … even though it’s often hard to admit it … solely up to me. Whether that looks like walking away from (or staying involved with) toxic conversations and people, giving myself a stern “talking-to” or simply standing up for myself in whatever the challenging circumstance happens to be … I have learned that whilst anyone can deal it out … I am the one who has sole responsibility for taking receipt of less than positive and disrespectful treatment.

Now I know that life isn’t always all sunshine and light … in fact there are often some, darn overcast and stormy days … but I have found that if I walk around with a chip the size of New York on my shoulder, an attitude that screams belligerence or a war-torn inner landscape peopled by victims and the walking wounded then I am going to a) attract more of the same into my life and b) have a darn miserable time whilst I’m doing it.  On the flip side if I do my best to cultivate a “habit of being happy” then I am indeed “freed or largely freed from domination of outside conditions.”

The last three years of battling Cancer have taught me … amongst other things … that if I am not able to find at least one positive note in each situation and then maintain and build on that note then I am probably going to have a very miserable day.  I have become used to wandering the halls of the hospital and life hand-in-hand with my great and dear inner friends: Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue.  We have figured out that my days just go better when the three of us make an appearance together.  Our intention is to leave each situation just a little bit more upbeat than when we encountered it and whilst it’s true that not everybody else chooses to dance to the same tune as us … that’s O.K. … because the Happy Approach always works for us … and when push comes to shove … and all is said and done … I am really the only one whom I can truly change and affect anyway.

Joyful Journeying Everyone



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  1. Wow this is a must visit, bookmarking your blog now. Please continue to write, your style is very unique.

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