Today I am appreciating “the light that fills the world”.

“I think over again my small adventures, my fears, those small ones that seemed so big, all those vital things I had to get and to reach, and yet there is only one great thing: to live and see the great day that dawns, and the light that fills the world.”   …   Old Inuit Song 

There is so much bad news being reported every day.  There are problems with the environment, challenges with dictators and their regimes, economic woes up the wazoo and abuses of the rights of the individual.  If I did nothing but listen to the News-of-the-Day I’d be really depressed!

About 8 years ago I decided to stop listening to all of the madness, read a few headlines to stay up-to-date with the gist of the daily happenings and figured if anything really big happened that someone would tell me … you know I haven’t missed any of the really important things yet!??!  Now whilst some might say that this is a bury-my-head-in-the-sand approach … I beg to differ.  When I hear that kind of opinion I am motivated to ask: “How does listening to the constant reporting of the minutia of negative news benefit either myself or anyone else?”

Well … as you may have guessed … I don’t really believe that it does.  I think that information is important … negativity … not-so-much!  In my life I am the fortunate recipient of the positive outcomes of an ongoing experiment in attracting-what-I-believe.  Every morning … as I open my eyes I ask Life: “So what great things have you got planned for me today?”  And every night … as I lay my head down to sleep my final thoughts are: “Wow … Life … what a fantastic day!  So much good stuff happened!”

You see I have learned that in order to have a great day I need to anticipate and hold as my strongest intention/hope/dream the arrival of said “greatness” … whatever that might look like to me.  I have experienced the marvellous synchronicities that Life regularly plops in the middle of my path so often that I look forward with great delight to their arrival.  People laugh because I’m grateful for a beautiful day … but that’s O.K. with me because “the light that fills the world” fills my world … with hope, joy and just plain old enjoyment.  Thanks Life … for so many “great dawns” … uplifting days … and joy-filled nights.  Keep up the good work at Your end … and I shall keep on intending and allowing at mine.

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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