Appreciating one of Life’s greatest gifts – Unlimited Choice

“I try to remind myself that we are never promised anything, and that what control we can exert is not over the events that befall us but how we address ourselves to them.”   …   Jeanne DuPrau 

I’ve never met Jeanne DuPrau but I sense in her a kindred spirit … I imagine a woman who … like me … has seen her fair share of challenging times and events and has learned that often in life there is little we can do to impact the world around us … other than to simply come to the party with Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue in hand and heart.

I have observed that how we view events … people … and our interactions with them … is probably one of the biggest determinants in whether or not said interactions will be on the positive end of the spectrum or the negative end.  I have further noticed that when my reactions (the only ones which I can control by-the-way) range from neutral (at worst) to positive (at best) I can almost always count on the people around me to respond as positively as they can.

Somewhere along the line I finally got it that the very first person whom I need to be changing is me  because if it isn’t: a) I’m in big trouble, b) I’m seriously deluded and c) nothing is going to change.  I kind of like that actually.  I like the fact that I am the one who is responsible for creating a better day for myself and that I’m not dependent upon the weather, the neighbours, the news or how happy or grumpy my co-workers are.  I like knowing that if I don’t like what is going on in the outside of my life I have only to change the way the inside of me is looking at it to tap into the  vast potential for overcoming seemingly overwhelming odds of which I am capable.

Every day I remind myself that Life makes us one big promise when we come here to play … that being … that we have the ability to make unlimited choices in our lives.  What a great gift!  Even when everything else around me seems to be going to hell-in-a-hand-basket I know that I have the right and ability to change how I will act, what I will think and how I will feel.  Wow … I find that to be very liberating!  There’s not a lot in this 3-D world that can be counted on to always work but if I simply take myself in hand and give myself a wee shake I can move those huge, old metaphoric mountains of which everyone speaks.  Thanks for the great gift Life … and thanks for giving all of us an unlimited supply of “Choice-refills”!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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