Making different choices

“We have two choices: continue to blame the world for our stress or take responsibility for own reactions and deliberately change our emotional climate.”   …   Doc Childre and Howard Martin

I was looking at the daily headlines which popped into my e-box today and I couldn’t help but notice that there were NO celebratory stories … whatsoever!  As everyone who knows me knows: I don’t like to get immersed in and dragged down by the minutia of the seemingly never-ending, negative details that the media thinks of as news.  I get the headlines delivered to me though, in order to keep apprised on what the world is up to.  Hey; I figure that it never hurts to be aware … I just need to be keep a weathered eye on that fine line between “aware” and drowning.

The headlines keep me aware that many people live in overwhelmingly challenging environments and that often they have severely limited, external options available to them.  This helps me keep my life here on Planet Earth in perspective.  It teaches me to be grateful for … amongst many other things … the freedoms that I have and the country within which I live.  I am blessed to have a couple of beautiful, joyful friends who live in some of these less-than-sunshine-&-light countries and they remind me … through their actions, thoughts and worlds … that … like all of us … they are in control of how they think and feel in any given moment.

I live in the world.  I do my best to continually improve my little corner of it.  I watch people when I’m able to get out and about and I listen.  I hear so many stories and I see how the stories that people tell themselves keep them locked in places inside of themselves that are often scary and difficult to move out of.  I often wish that there were a way for me to reach into the inside of them … give them a big hug … pack up their metaphoric book-loads of tales of woe and fear … and help them to see that they can write new stories of adventure, love and happiness to take them forward.

I agree with Doc Childre and Howard Martin: everyone is fully capable of and free-on-the-inside-of-themselves to make the kinds of choices and changes that will “deliberately change (their) emotional climate”. Life has taught me that if I am not willing to change me than no-one else is going to.  Further; I have learned that if I am unwilling to clean up my internal landscape, give my old storybooks away to the local, Celestial recycling center and make new choices then nothing is going to change in the world around me.  I like knowing that I have these choices … it  makes life a little less scary and intimidating … and reminds me that I am always free to take my power back … the choice to do so is quite simply … mine.

Arinaste and Joyful Journeying Everyone.



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