Falling … and rising again … in my dance with Life

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”   …   Confucius  

Nobody ever said that this trip through life was going to be easy … but way back in the annals of time … and the halls of The Universe … I do seem to recall hearing something about it being “a big adventure”.  Well that was certainly a huge piece of Celestial, understatement!  I mean honestly isn’t that kind of like describing a trip into the heart of a volcano as a warm, vacation spot!??!

My inner kid used to describe the world as “verwy, verwy scarwy” … and there certainly have been more than a few of those days.  Fortunately for both the kid and me I have learned to see the incredible gifts that lie as a kernel inside even the most challenging of situations.  Sometimes we’ve uncovered the chance to be braver than we ever imagined that we could be and at other times we’ve discovered some previously unknown … but beautiful … quality that had lain hidden inside of us.

Each day of the last three years have given me opportunities to grow beyond who I was and to become the kind of person whom I had imagined … but didn’t believe that I could be … those are some of my kernels.   Fighting a couple of life-threatening illnesses will do that for you.  Every time you “fall” … and there are lots of those … you have a chance … a choice … to rise again … if not in glory … then at least in determination.  And; when you see the other fighters around you also rising time after time it gives you courage to carry on.

I believe that Confucius had the right of it.  It’s not so much about living a charmed life and never having anything go wrong as it is about figuring out how to pick myself up out of the hole that I tripped into, dust myself off, reset my sights on a brighter tomorrow and carry on … keeping an eagle eye open for Life’s hints, nudges, winks and synchronicites … which help me to stay encouraged and feeling supported.  My inner kid still lives really close to my surface … but these days she’s less afraid than she used to be.  We’re both enjoying this dance we have going with our awesome dance partner; Life … It never misses a step … one, two, three, dip … wow!

Joyful Journeying Everyone!



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