Thanks Life for the calm harbor

“Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm.”   …   Navjot Singh Sidhu

As Joan Baez once said: “Some days are diamonds and some days are rust.”  Everyone has great days … some downright yucky days … and those blessedly uneventful days that fall somewhere in the middle and I know that I … for one … am very grateful for those middle-of-the-road moments.

Sure, I love the highs that Life presents: who doesn’t?  It’s just that … after all of the challenges  … and all of the drama … after all of the scary times … and the multitude of holy-cow-I-don’t-know-if-I-can-do-this moments … I’m O.K. with walking … at least a portion of my remaining journey … down a road that is NOT non-stop hills, cliffs and chasms!  In fact I’m quite enjoying the view from this newly found place of calm.

Navjot Singh Sidhu is right … anyone can steer their ship through the calm times of life.  I recognize that the challenging experiences through which I have sailed have uncovered parts of me that might have forever lain dormant had I not been in such dire need of their services.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that  my connection to friends … to family … and to Life itself have only deepened as we passed through the storms together and emerged out the other side.  However,  in this now … this day … and this moment I am ready to rest for awhile in this calm harbour to which Life has led me.

Today … and tomorrow … and probably for quite a few tomorrows … I am content to explore the world from this peaceful place.  From here I can see so much farther than before … and from here I can see so much more clearly.  I like this place.  I feel good here.  For now the stormy seas have quieted … my boat is resting on a restorative shore … and the horizon looks bright.  I know that … in the future … other storms may arrive … blowing new lessons and new experiences in with them … and giving me the opportunity to learn new sailing techniques … but today Sunshine Sue and I are happy to be resting here on the beach with our sun umbrellas, our cold drinks and our most excellent companion … Life.  “Thanks Life: for the exciting journey … your company … and the awesome R & R resort!”

Joyful Journeying Everyone!



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