Enthusiastic and proud of it

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”   …   Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Great news! … Perky Polly’s two best friends have reappeared in our lives.  Excited Ellen and Joyful June are back!  You know what this means don’t you?  Now … along with being cheerful … upbeat …and cavity inducing … we’re positively glowing … oh … and bouncing … my friends would never let me forget bouncing.  I see good things on our horizon and with this much enthusiasm … if Ralph Waldo Emerson is right … wow … those must be great  things!

 Each day … each step … each moment … I feel the hand of Life urging me forward … into new paths … new directions … and new ways of Being.  How exciting!  I‘ve got my first book done … all tweaked and “ISBN’ed” …  I’ve sold my first 10 copies … got the second ten printed … and am awaiting  … bouncing excitedly (there’s Ellen) … for Life’s next encouraging set of suggestions.

I’m busy doing my part of walking the new road … you know … inner world things like … sending Fearful Fran on an extended vacation … giving Hesitant Helena a big reassuring hug … encouraging Procrastinating Patricia to come out of her shell and play … and all of the outside world stuff like advertising, researching and calling potentially interested groups and parties.

Thank goodness for enthusiasm and my newly reappeared inner friends.  These days I walk with a bounce in my step … a laugh in my voice … and excitement in my soul.  Perky Polly is perkier than ever.  Sunshine Sue is positively radiating … quick get out the sunglasses and sunblock … and Life is happily pouring more and more wonderful and awesome synchronicities into my life … all of which seem to beam out to everyone with whom I speak.  Life is darn good … and I feel blessed.  Well time to run … “The Girls” put their heads together with Life … and I believe that they’ve  come up with some enthusiastic  plans to share … whoo-hoo! … I feel a great  achievement coming on …

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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Motivational Speaker, Author, Tweeter & Blogger (lovin' it!!) ... Owner & Leader of The Compassionate Advantage (http://www.compassionate-advantage.com)
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  1. Be gentle to all and stern with yourself. Saint Teresa of Avila

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