Removing barriers to love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”   …   Rumi

I’m looking for the love of my life.  I’m opening to a “Soul Partner” arriving.  I’m wondering when he’s going to parachute onto my back … or front … deck.  Everyone laughs when I say that … I must confess I laugh myself … but still … in the greater mind of the Creator of All … isn’t anything possible?  Well … O.K. … perhaps more visibility at my end would be helpful … that old doing-my-bit-to-keep-up-my-end-of-the-co-creative-process thing … but still …

I haven’t been at my best these last three years … my physical presentation ranged from bald-for-5-months to curly-grey-“Chemo-Curls” … from terribly overweight from the drugs to gaunt from the pain … definitely NOT my best time for looking good!  Inside of me I know that it isn’t simply the outside that will attract a Soul Partner to me … but rather the qualities of Spirit which I possess  … and which are becoming more and more predominant every day … but still …

I’m longing for the love of my life and last night during a chit-chat with a close friend I discovered some of those barriers of which Rumi spoke.  I realized that the last three years have had a profound impact on my feelings of being lovable.  I lost my sense of self-in-the-world … and whilst I’m very happy with the Self that is emerging … I am no longer confident that any man will actually want to sustain a relationship with someone who walks like me … who talks like me … and who flows-and-glows like me.   I know … I know … their loss if they don’t … but still …

So today … on this bright and sunny Winter’s morning … I shall be traversing the inner landscape … seeking out barriers to remove… attempting to heal up the wounded bits and pieces who are hiding behind said barriers … and finding ways to be … not only O.K. with who I am and who I’m becoming … but happy, joyful and excited about ME.  I’ve been looking for love … and I’ve been longing for love … and I never even noticed the castle walls that I had built to keep love out.  Today is demolition day … today it is time to either eliminate said walls or move to a new inner home with an inviting yard in which Sunshine Sue can bask … which has pretty flowers for Perky Polly to water and admire … and some nice, easy chairs for Life and I to relax in whilst waiting for aforementioned Soul-Partner-with-a-Parachute.  Time to open up and allow in the love that Life has created for me … “O.K. Life … bring it on … drop my love smack-dab into the middle of my path … I’m finally ready.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everybody



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One Response to Removing barriers to love

  1. Whoa! You’re courageous, being so open about your innermost thoughts and feelings! Kudos to you Susanne!

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