Creating a Joy-filled journey.

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”   …   Jim Rohn

 I used to be a big goal setter.  I even wrote a book about effective goal setting!  Don’t get me wrong … I still think that Goal Setting is one of the most effective tools around for picking our destination … it’s just that it’s not the only tool for actually getting there.  There are additional factors that need to be considered … and there is a question that arises for me … that being … “Whatever happened to being happy … right here … and right now?”

I have come to understand that two BIG parts of setting my goals, envisioning my future and making it a bright and sunny one have to be a) how I will feel when I get there, and b) how do I choose to act during said journey.  If the bright and sunny future that I am hankering after is filled with misgivings and people stepped on along the way … if it’s replete with loneliness and tunnel vision to the point of excluding everyone and everything else …then it’s not going to be very “sunny” is it?  And; if that’s the case what is the point of being there?

These days my joyful and happy present is working in conjunction with Life to co-create an amazing tomorrow.   Every day the pile of positive evidence and the arrival of increasing numbers of synchronicities reinforces for me that dancing along the road with Miss Perky and Ms Sunshine is the correct thing to do.  For every positive Now I express Gratitude.  The Attitude of Gratitude then produces more happy moments … and so the co-creative journey continues.  I have plans and I have dreams and whilst on my way to achieving them Life and I are two very happy sojourners … singing traveling songs and waving at passerbys.  Happy todays … happier tomorrows … who could ask for more!??!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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