Letting joy be the key that opens doors

“I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”   …   Joseph Campbell

When I was significantly younger … 😉 … I used to believe that I had to plan everything out … that there were deadlines for accomplishments and that my life would just be over if said deadlines were not met.  Isn’t it interesting how age and life teach you differently!??!

Now that I am older … and hopefully  wiser … I still have goals … and dreams … and intentions … it’s just that now they all revolve around following my joy and co-creating with Life … rather than trying to wrestle Life to the ground and force It to do what I want  … right this very minute!  I have found that this new approach to manifestation is working out really well … way better in fact than my previous dog-with-a-bone approach.

My three-year sabbatical from the world taught me lessons in flowing and being in the moment that no amount of lecturing or reading could have done.  There’s nothing like having your health and life placed squarely in Life’s very capable hands to ensure that you do not miss the point that it is capital “L” Life Who prospers us as we dance and Life Whose master plan includes the coming true of all of our best dreams.

These days my internal gyroscope is set to joy and my internal guidance system has as its navigators Perky Polly, Sunshine Sue and … of course … Life.  It’s our job to be constantly on the lookout for roads, highways and foot-paths that lead us into joyful possibilities … and it’s Life’s job to make sure that aforementioned paths are clear of debris … safe and sound … and supplied with big road signs that say: “Happiness this way.”  I agree with Joseph Campbell … if we can find and then hold on tight to our bliss and joy … and not be afraid to take chances to embrace even more happiness … Life will open doors for us where we had not even imagined a door could exist.  That having been said … Ms Perky, Miss Sunshine and I are off to knock on some interesting looking, new doors … we figure that if Life put them in front of us that awesome surprises must lie in wait behind them.   “Knock, Knock … Life … are you in there?  Want to come out and play?”

Arinaste (from my heart to your heart)


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2 Responses to Letting joy be the key that opens doors

  1. Thank you for this blog. Happiness is the way!

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